Business is Building Relationship;
Omnikick Automate This for You.

OmniKick gives you complete marketing automation tools to help you
personalize every customer interaction, maximize your customer
lifetime value, and reduce cart abandonment.

Omnikick has played a key role in elevenia’s digital orchestration for the past three years, We are now super excited for the version 2.0.”

Soraya Miyani

Marketing Communication Specialist, Elevenia



Connect More.
Work Less.

Your customers drive your business, which is why it's so essential to establish a meaningful and active connection with them. You need to connect and foster a strong relationship with them on channels where they’re active users.

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All Ears.
No Guess.

The key to effective marketing is the intelligence to understand customers thoroughly. Customers tell you so much about their behaviours when they shop on your website. You need to collect, curate, engineer and derive insights from this data to excel at relationship marketing.

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Stand Out.
Compete Less.

Offering a personalized customer experience will make your people want to come back to you. Consumers expect to be treated as individuals when they deal with brands. They demand personalization throughout the buying journey.

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Tip of Tongue.
Loss Less.

A solid customer engagement strategy will foster brand growth and customer loyalty when executed well. Up to two-thirds of a company’s profit relies on effective customer engagement. Therefore, engage with customers on your website and across major marketing channels including facebook & Instagram.

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Find Winner.
Mistake Less.

Get data-driven insights to understand what is working. Discover performance-boosting opportunities to maximize the positive impact of your marketing effort.

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