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33 Power Words That Make People Buy Immediately (and why)

The words you use on your site can have an immense effect on prospects.

Sometimes, words hurt.

Sometimes, words delight, heal and calm.

In marketing, the right words can boost sales.

The right words can turn prospects into customers within seconds.

I call these words power words that sell.

In this article, you’ll learn the top 33 power words that can improve any sales copy in any industry.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

Power Word #1: You

The word “You” is the most powerful word in advertising.

Legendary copywriter Gary Halbert (1939 – 2007), loves this word.

Many call Gary the Prince of Print and The King of Copy.

Why does he love if the word “you” so much?

The word “you” makes your message feels personal.

People who see it will feel your copy is made just for them.

Below is a brilliant Nike’s billboard ad that uses the word “you.

When you visit the website of Nicholas A. Parr, a lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland, you’ll notice that the word “you” was used many times on the home page. The page speaks to the visitor. It makes you feel like a friend is talking to you.

Power Word #2: Trust

Many have trusted and been let down in the past.

So, they find it a bit difficult to trust again.

Before people can give you their hard-earned cash, they have to trust you.

If they can’t trust, they can’t buy from you.

Using the word “trust,” is a great place to start. It shows you’re aware of their problems and willing to deal with it.

Why should prospects trust you?

Give them reasons and use the word trust.

Power Word #3: Discover

You’re reading this because you want to discover something.

Prospects read your sales copy because they want to know what you offer and how it can help them.

They are on a discovery mission.

That’s why this word grabs attention.

Power Word #4: Powerful

If something is powerful, it’s something you want to have.

For example, you want to know the power words in copywriting. Copywriters have been using power words to sell to anyone.

Therefore, you want to know what they are.

You’re on a quest for power.

When you use this word, you get attention.

Power Word #5: Immediately

I’m sure you’ve seen this word in many sales copies.

It’s because it works.

Many people are extremely impatient. They want something without delay.

If you can promise that and use this word, they’re more likely to take action on your site.

Power Word #6: More

Many are rarely satisfied with what they have. They want more.

Few people live the minimalistic lifestyle.

That is why most people live beyond their means.

They are lots of great products out there. Consumers want to try them all.

If you use the word “more,” you’ll certainly have people who want whatever you’re offering.

Consumers are not tired of buying and learning more.

Let’s say you sell on Amazon. The below headline will catch your attention.

Power Word #7: New

Just like more, people want new things.

They want to be one of the first people to buy a new product.

No wonder the new iPhones sell like hotcakes.

People desire new things. Promise them something new in your sales copy.

Note that you shouldn’t promise new things if you won’t fulfill your promise.

Power Word #8: Today

Why use the word today?

Today is a powerful word because it means consumers can get something today.

Sometimes, tomorrow may seem too long.

Have you ever look forward to something tomorrow that you can’t sleep today?

Many people feel the same thing.

For example, Amazon uses the phrase “Today’s deal” on its navigation.

Power Word #9: How to

How to guides are very popular on the web.

Many people go to search engines daily, typing “how to” phrases.

Recently, I input “how to make a tasty fried chicken.”

Web users want to learn. Use the word to signify you want to teach something important.

Power Word #10: Save

People want to save money, time, and effort.

They are always looking for ways to achieve the same outcome with less time, money and energy.

That’s why the word “save” is a powerful word in advertising.

Power Word #11: Secret

Humans quest for secrets is a never-ending journey.

For example, I just saw the below Woman’s World magazine.

Below is a headline that used “secret” in the magazine.

Thinning Hair? Secret-ingredient shampoo prevents hair loss.

Trust me, their readers will want to know that secret ingredient.

If it’s secret, then it’s something many people don’t know.

Using this word in your sales copy makes it more effective.

Power Word #12: Effective

Effective is one of my favorite power words.

If you say something is effective, it means you’ve tested it.

People will want to try something that has been proven to be effective. It saves them time and helps make good use of their resources.

Power Word #13: Best

Use this word with caution.

Do your research before saying something you’re about to reveal is the best.

It may be the best for you, is it the best for your prospects?

If it’s not the best for them, they’ll see you as a con artist.

They will never believe anything you say again.

The word best is a power word for getting prospects to commit to you.

For example, Acenar is a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. When you visit the site, you’ll see the title “the best Mexican restaurant destination on the Riverwalk.

Power Word #14: Limited

Udemy uses this word a lot to push sales for courses on the site.

They’ve gotten me to buy a few of their courses as a result of that word alone.

When an offer is limited, it means you must act fast not to miss out.

Power Word #15: Giveaway

If you’re an ardent social media user, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of giveaways.

Giveaways work.

By creating a giveaway and using the word on your site and social media, you can convert more prospects into customers.

Power Word #16: Hurry

Sometimes, people are slow to act.

Adding a little bit of urgency by using the word “Hurry” won’t hurt.

Power Word #17: Money

If your product or service helps people make money, using the word can get them to take action.

It’s a psychological marketing tactic that works.

For example, you may see images of currencies on a site selling financial products or services. It’s because it makes their prospects think.

Power Word #18: Bonus

If you offer a bonus to customers, use the word “bonus.”

Consumers want value than they paid for. The word “bonus” allows them to see additional benefits they won’t get from your competitors.

Power Word #19: Deadline

People who work from home often say that setting a deadline for work makess them more productive.

The word “deadline” isn’t only for people who work from home alone.

Using the word in your sales copy reminds consumers that they may not get a benefit if they don’t buy before the deadline.

Like the word “limited,” you can generate more demand for your product.

Power Word #20: Discount

Discounts are something everyone wants.

Even the rich people want discounts.

Consumers love discounts.

According to a study, people prefer to get 50% more of the same product for the same price than save 33% on the price, even though that comes down to the same thing.

Just seeing the word “discount” alone can make a prospect act.

Most consumers will buy from you and continue buying when you offer them discounts.

You can use a powerful popup technology like GrowthFunnel to offer discounts to visitors on your site.

GrowthFunnel allows you to control where you want popups with discounts to appear and when.

It’s free to sign up and start using GrowthFunnel.

Power Word #21: Exclusive

There are three groups of consumers.

Number one: Those who love cheap things.

Number two: Those who love expensive things.

Number three: Those in between the above two groups.

The word “exclusive” gets the attention of people in the second group.

If your target market is people who love unique and classy things, you can attract them by using the word “exclusive” on your sales page.

Power Word #22: Fast

“Fast” is one of the most used words you’ll see on e-commerce sites.

You’ll see the word in phrases like “fast delivery” and “fast speed.”

Consumers pay attention to this word.

Power Word #23: Cash

Lottery and betting sites often use the word “cash.”

They know it’s the word their customers want to see.

If you are organizing a giveaway and giving out cash bonuses, don’t be afraid to use this word.

Power Word #24: Cheap

We love cheap goods and services because it saves us money.

Sites like Groupon and Slickdeals are popular because consumers want cheap goods.

There are more people out there who want things that are cheap than expensive.

Power Word #25: First

Being one of the first to use a product feels nice to most people. It’s a privilege many want to have.

Services are the same.

This tactic is common online.

Popular past examples are Gmail and Spotify.

Successful companies like Slack and Mint started in beta before launching to the public.

People signed up for these services even though they knew they were still in development.

This is what consumers do when they want to be the first.

Use the word “first” if you truly have a product or service most of your customers haven’t had before.

Power Word #26: Greatest

Greatest is a powerful word that gets people thinking.

We like to associate with great people.

Our society today loves to appreciate great individuals in each field. Both past and present.

When you use the word “greatest,” you tap into the power that attracts people to great individuals.

But use this word with caution.

Before you say your product or service is the greatest, it should really be the greatest.

Power Word #27: Instantly

Just like “fast,” consumers also love the word “instantly.”

When you use this word, it tells prospects you won’t waste their time. It sends a message that you won’t disappoint if they trust you with their hard-earned cash.

Power Word #28: Final

The word “final” may not look as important to you at first, but it’s one of the most powerful word ever.

It means there’s nothing coming after.

For example, the phrase “final payment” means prospects won’t be required to make any payment again.

This word is so powerful that it attracts lots of people to most final sports matches.

Use this word if it’s really necessary and relevant to your business.

Power Word #29: Gift

Who wouldn’t like to receive some gifts?

If you truly want to amaze your prospects with some gifts, then you can use the word in your sales copy.

Note that you shouldn’t use this word to deceive customers.

Depending on the niche you are in and the kind of product you’re selling, gifts may not matter much to prospects.

If you’ve done your homework and discovered that your customers might want some gifts, give them a chance to qualify to receive gifts.

Use this word when running giveaways.

Amazon uses the word “gift” on its product pages to sell.

Power Word #30: Last chance

If you’re running a promo on your site, the phrase “last chance” can get people to act at the very last minute.

The phrase is much more effective when you use the Bar popup in GrowthFunnel.

The Bar popup lets you display your last chance message at the very top of your site so that every visitor can see it.

Note that it’s free to start using GrowthFunnel. If you haven’t signed up, you can quickly do that by clicking this link.

Power Word #31: Now

Now is one of the most popular words you’ll see in many sales copies.

And the reason why is simple.

This word boost sales.

I’m sure you’ve seen phrases like “Act Now” and “Buy Now.” They get people to take action immediately.

Power Word #32: Pay zero

Of course, you don’t want people using your products or services for free if your livelihood depends on it.

But you can offer a free trial for prospects to use your product.

If you’re looking for a perfect phrase to get people to sign up without paying, “pay zero” should be on top of your list.

I’ve seen phrases like “pay zero to use our product for free” on the web a couple of times, and they got me to start using a service.

Power Word #33: Special

If a product is special, consumers want to know why.

Give them a reason why your product is special and use the word “special” a lot in your sales copy.

Consumers are never scared of paying cash for a product that’s special.

So, the word will increase your sales if the product is truly special.


Selling online requires using the right words that get customers to act.

On this page are the most powerful words you need to boost sales on your site.

These words are much more effective when you use them with a popup on your site.

GrowthFunnel offers one of the most advanced popup technology.

Click here to sign up for free today.

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