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11 Actionable Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Website Conversions

If you want to skyrocket your website conversions, the most inexpensive and efficient way to do that is through your content.

Whether you’re selling a product or consulting services or trying to get people to sign up in your website – you can boost your website conversions with copywriting.

Great content also play crucial role if you want your audience to answer your call to action.

If you are not a professional writer, what will you do?

You are probably worried by now and surely thinking you need to hire a crazy-expensive sales writer.

Don’t worry 🙂

You don’t have to hire a professional writer. Today I will explain 11 actionable copywriting tips you can follow to boost your website conversions.

If you can follow them step by step, I can almost guarantee you that your website conversion rate will go up.


#1. Understanding the audience psychology

The very first step in copywriting is to appropriately understand the psychology of your audience.

You need to have an extensive knowledge of your target audience likes, dislikes, wants and needs. You should know what will make them to buy your product or service.

Your copy will only influence your visitors if they are able to understand and accept what you write.

To understand the audience persona, social media networks can be very effective. Track down the activities in different social media channels and that will give you a strong insightful information about your audience persona.

Then you can easily implement this information in your writing. It will not only make your content more personalized but also influence them to take your desired action.

You can be a brilliant writer but if you don’t know how people think, you won’t succeed as a writer.

On the other hand, you can be only a fair writer but if you have a deep understanding of human psychology, your copy will be very effective.


#2. Write actionable headlines

Your headlines should clearly tell the visitors what they will get from your website.

You might have the best product, service, or app on the market but if you are unable to make it clear in headline to your visitors then then they’re going to leave.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, “users often leave web pages in 10-20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer…”

Therefore, make everything clear in your headline with the information like what you’re going to do for them and what they’re going to get.

Here are some tips for writing actionable headlines:

  • Use number because headlines with numbers get more click
  • Use adjective and power words in your headline
  • Address the readers directly by using you and your
  • Try to create sense of urgency in your headline
  • Keep your headline short and concise

Have a look at the screenshot from buffer.

Do I need to explain what they are doing?

Before completing this point let’s take a look at the famous quote from the famous advertising revolutionary, David Ogilvy.

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.


#3. Write to the point

After grabbing the people attention in your headline, now you need to keep them in your website and want to get them interested in your product or service.

Let me give you a real life example here-

I have received an email something like “Good day, my name is John Howes and I work for XYZ. We are based in London and provide SEO services…..”

You know what I did?

After reading the first line I have deleted the email.

I believe most of we do the same thing because people don’t care about your product or your company, they only care what you can do for them.

Similarly, I have seen many websites start off by focusing on what they do and who they are—not how they can help you.

To create the interest in your product or service, you need to deliver immediately what you have promised in your headline and how people can be benefited by using your product or service.

By doing that you are also proving that you respect the audience time. Only provide the necessary information, nothing more nothing less.

#4. Use images to your content

Just by adding pictures in your copy, you can increase the engagement. Increasing engagement means increasing conversions.

Text without images can be boring. You can use the images of your happy customers in smiley mode which will help convince people to buy.

Highrise increased their conversion rate by 102.5% just by adding an image of a happy customer on their homepage.

Moreover, images such as charts, graphs and infographics can also be used to make the content visually more interesting.

Visual content induces feelings of trust and that trust will make people answering your call to action.


#5. Make your copy readable

Another study by Nielsen Norman Group found that, 79% of readers are scanner and only 16% read word-by-word.

Having lots of text in a page is not any issue, but you need to format them in a way so that people can easily understand the message you are trying to convey.

Just by following the below steps you can make your copy easy to digest-

  • Use short sentences
  • Break up the long paragraphs into small ones
  • Paragraphs should not be more than 2 lines
  • Use bullet points
  • Bold important facts
  • Use black text on a white background

Let me show you couple of screenshots to make the things clear.


Make your copy readable1


Make your copy readable2

Compare the randomly taken 1st screenshot with the 2nd one from Copyblogger’s blog.

Do I need to identify which one is more readable?

Of course the 2nd one is more readable than 1st one. The sharp & short sentence and larger font makes it more readable.

Free PDF Download:  Get access to the free checklist that will show you quickly  how to write copy to boost conversions.

#6. Write conversational copy

Writing the way you speak is known as conversational copy.

Conversational copy would be same as a sales man sitting down for a lunch with a clients and speaking through a sales presentation.

Describe why your product or service is brilliant in a way that sounds friendly, normal and approachable like you’re talking to your best friend.

People don’t trust those who are pushing them buy now, buy now! Your writing should be informal and sound genuine.

To add more conversational tone in your copy use conversational words like I, we, you, me, they, etc.

Keep in mind that, you don’t have to be professional writer to make your copy conversational. You can record a sales call about the product or service and then use it as a rough draft.

#7. Make your call to action convincing

Your call to action is one of the most important aspects in your website where you tell the visitors what to do in your website.

I have come across many websites without a clear call to action and they left the audience with no idea of what they should do next after reading the copy.

Your website should have a prominent call to action and the copy of your call to action must be compelling and not pushy.

The CTA buttons with words like “submit”, “continue” and “next” does not mean anything. So, make sure you avoid those confusing words in your CTA button text.

Your audience must get the idea from your CTA button text what the outcome will be if they click in your call to action button.

Just take a look at the below screenshot from myperfectresume.

Do I need to explain what the outcome will be if you click their call to action button?


#8. Take advantage of power words

Power words play an important role in copywriting to boost conversions. Using power words is the easiest way to elevate your copy beyond the ordinary.

Using words like “you”, “your”, “Free”, “Now”, “New”, “Because,” “Instantly” “Exclusive” have a powerful impact on the audience.

This proves that the content is specifically created for the audience.

To find more power words, this post on Buffer Blog gives a very thorough explanation about power words (also lists 189 power words)

Michael Aagaard of Content Verve found 31.54% boost in conversions after using a power words.

Be conscious while you choosing the words in your web copywriting, use more power words and steer away from the words that indicate uncertainty like might, maybe, try, perhaps, etc.


#9. Capitalize competitor’s weaknesses

Keep your eye to the web copy of your direct competitors are using to identify how they are presenting their products and services to the consumers?

To write a compelling copy, you need to know what differentiates your product or service from the competitors.

Once you know the competitors weakness and your strength, you need to make sure that your audience also know them and understand why should they buy from you not from your competitors.

Present your information in a way so that your audience can understand easily why or how your product or service is better than your competitors for similar product.

#10. Focus on benefits

When you are thinking about a great copy, it should be benefits-focused and not just feature-focused.

No matter what product you are selling, having a benefit focused copy is essential. People don’t bother what features your product have, they only think how your product can solve their problem and make their life easier.

Create your copy by focusing on-

  • What can you do for your audience?
  • What problems you are going to solve?
  • How your audience will be benefited?
  • How can you make your visitors happier?

#11. Avoid sloppy copy

Yeah we all know that, but how many people proofread their copy?

If your audience find any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your copy, then they will undermines your credibility.

They ask themselves, if this company does not care to create content without mistakes then how likely are they to care about me?

Believe me, this is the quickest way to lose trust.

People have all the power now with plenty of competitors just a click away, that’s a risky game to play.

Therefore, it is important that you proofread your copy again and again to avoid this kind of silly mistakes.

Bottom Line

Boosting conversions start with the killer copy. Creating killer copy is completely within your reach.

If you can implement the above 11 actionable copywriting tips in your writing, then you will see noticeable improvements in conversions in no time.

And, if you’ve found these tips useful, then share this post on social media 🙂


Comments (3)

  1. Awesomely insightful article Jabed. I was aware of the importance of good copyrighting and that it could help conversions, but I didn’t realize just how much of an impact it has on conversions. Some of the stats you provided caught me by surprise, for instance, that Highrises increased conversions by over 100% with the addition of a single image.

    I’ve found the use of emotionally charged language can improve conversions. Is this a tactic that you recommend using? It seems like it would fit right in with your 11 actionable copyrighting tips.

  2. Very good article Jabed, thanks for this.

    With regards to #11, shouldn’t the Company name in #4 be Highrise without an ‘s’? As someone who writes thousands of words a week, I know all too well just how easy it is for something like this to slip through the net!

    And #10 is for me the real killer. Far too much content on the web is all about features and not about benefits. People almost never buy features; if they did then our TV remotes would have eevn more buttons on them that they do already!


    1. Thanks for the sharp eye Jonathan. I just saw that and fixed it. Thanks again for deeply looking through the article.


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