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Corporate Guidelines to Optimize Landing Page -Chapter – 26

Corporate Guidelines to Optimize Landing Page -Chapter – 26

Be a Problem Solver

It is a good idea to courageously expose and face the problems, and not to hide from them. This spirit of continuous improvement and problem solving is at the heart of most of the successful businesses around the world.

Until every prospective customer among your visitors has already converted, there are lots of things still to do with your landing page. Always try to find out the areas where you can improve on your landing page to increase the conversion rates.

Highlight the Benefits of Your Product/Service Instead of the Features.

Your customers do not care about what your product/service can do and they only care about how it will improve an aspect of their lives.

The benefits of your product/service should be highlighted on your page. Benefits are not “Our Company is awesome”. Benefits are “our customers will be happy with this product/service”.

Value of Your Service

The value of your service is perceived depending on how well your landing page is designed. If your page looks cheap, then the visitors will underestimate about your quality.

Make sure that all features of your page are functional. You need to create the positive impression of quality from your landing page that will carry on all the way to the point of service delivery.

Eliminate Hidden Fees

People do not like the hidden fees when they are about to check out. So many online shoppers abandoned their shopping carts due to surprise charges.

As the online shoppers hate the hidden fees then how the business owner will add the additional expenses such as sales tax, shipping cost, etc.

By adding a calculator within the shopping cart as early in the process as possible, you may eliminate this kind of problem.

Best Buy’s shopping cart has a built in sales tax calculator to avoid surprise charges for the customers. See the screenshot below-


Reduce The Available Options

The more option you will give to your users, the easier it is to select nothing. Don’t give the users so many options or navigation on the page that could lead the users into doing something else instead of taking action.

If you have the different kind of products, build better filters so that your customers can get the right one without spending so much time.

Contact Information 

Your visitors might have questions to ask while they are on your page.

So, give them a chance to reach you in different ways. Show your phone number, email address, postal address, social network links and even the map of your location.

It also illustrates that you are genuine and there are real people behind the website.

Collect Emails and Nurture

If you have expensive products, then it may take longer time to sell. It is less likely that a visitor will spend two grand for your online course without nurturing. The best way to do that is email marketing.

People will have to know about you and your products before spending such a bigger amount. Instead of going for the hard sell, focus your marketing on email collection. You will get the better outcomes by doing email marketing in the short and long-term.

Go for the Slow Changes

Sometimes businesses are so concentrated on rebuilding their landing pages and forget to think from a customer’s point of view. Complete redesign of your landing page can lead to confusion and stress for the customers who previously felt comfortable with your page.

Even, a study by Wider Funnel found that, a complete redesign has caused up to 20% fall in conversion rate.

Rather than letting this happen, ease them into the procedure with steady changes that excite and educate them one step at a time.

Furthermore, incremental changes will also help you to closely monitor which changes triggered an increase or decrease in conversion rates.

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