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Craft Actionable Call to Action (CTA) to Improve Landing Page Conversion – Chapter – 9

Craft Actionable Call to Action (CTA) to Improve Landing Page Conversion – Chapter – 9

Put CTA in The Top Right Area of Your Page

Visitors usually find the login and navigation buttons in the upper-right corner of a page. So that can be the targeted area to pop a CTA there.

Visual website optimizer enhanced the conversion rate around 9% by adding a CTA button in the upper-right corner into their homepage.

In reality, the call to action button in the top right corner of a page got three times more click than any other area of the page.putcta


CTA(s) Should be Clear and Unambiguous

Allow the CTA to get more space on your page. Extensive use of whitespace will allow your button or statement to be highlighted on the page.

Picking the right color for CTA is also important here. Make a greater contrast in between the CTA and its surrounding elements to show its dominance. It will definitely help you to increase your conversion rates.


Remove Images and Graphics from Surrounding Area of  Your  CTA

You may want to highlight your CTA to draw the visitor’s attention with arrows or other elegant graphics. It might work.

However, if your CTA buttons already contrast with the rest of the page, then you do not have to keep the potentially distracting images around it.

Your visitors will get the CTA button by their own if that’s properly visible. If you use arrows to show your button, your potential leads may feel pressure to be converted.

See the example below-remove


Text variations in CTA.

A common mistake sometime happens in CTA button text, the text like “Click Here” or “Submit” in CTA button guides the visitors to be confused. This does not really indicate to the visitors what will be happening if they click the button.

Some research actually found that “Submit” as their CTA button text got lower conversion rates than other texts in a button.

Button text has to be specific and reliable for your customers to take the next action. The text also must notify how the visitors will be benefited from your service or product and what precisely is in it for them.

Use more powerful words that relevant with your offer such as “Join Now”, “Try it for Free”, or “Take a Tour”.


Bonus Button Text

In some cases, you may add an extra line of information within your button text. This practice we often see that with free trail buttons.

For instance, your button text is 20-Day free trial and a smaller text beneath the main text like start your free trial will inspire the visitors to click through to start their trial.

See the example below from dashboard-btnbutton

This bonus text won’t be essential with all buttons, but when it fits, this extra information can help CTRs a lot.


Deliver What You Have Committed

Don’t promise one thing and deliver something else or even worse nothing at all.

For an example, if you are giving away a valuable software, and your CTA text is “Download your free software”, don’t give a payment option in the next screen and asking for $9.95 for the software you already said would be free, or merely say, ”thank you for registering” without a link to the product which you are giving free.

Yes, you might have gained a lead but that particular customer will tell others your gimmicky tactics. Eventually, you will be losing your potential customers.


Your CTA Button Size

The size of the CTA button is extremely important for conversion. Companies regularly make the mistake of having a little CTA button.

But, your CTA needs to be prominent as it’s apparently the most vital component on your page. It will be easy for visitors to convert if you have a standard size button and there is very low possibility to overlook your CTA.

Have a look at the example below with small call to action and that can be easily be missed by the visitors.yourcta


Shape of the Button

Button shape can also play an important role for better conversion. The most common and popular button shapes are rectangular and rounded. You will have to decide whether you want to go with a button with rectangular shape or a rounded shape button.

No one can tell you what works better for you as both styles are common and both perform well in different situation.

So, you need to test the shapes and see what works better for your page.


Keep Your CTA Where it Can be Visible

Marketers often make the big mistake of putting the CTA at the end of the page or invisible among other elements. There is a high possibility to leave your page before converting if the visitors have to search for the CTA button. Keep it simple and place it somewhere, which can’t be overlooked.

Don’t put it below the fold, and if you have a long page, then repeat your CTA at the end of your page or if possible once in every page to remind the visitors.

Zestapps free landing page template below is a wonderful example. The CTA button is clearly visible without the visitors having to scroll down.keepyour cta


Add a Hover Effect to Your CTA Button

When the visitors hover their mouse over the call to action button, a visual change on your button may convince users to click it. Changing the color brightness is a decent approach to inspire visitors to click your button.

Moreover, the mouse cursor should change from the usual arrow to pointing hand as this is a standard cursor that let the users know what they can click.tryit


Follow through

When your customers click on to your call to action, what happens next?

It is your duty to ensure that, when they follow your instructions, the instructions are clear and easy for them to understand the next step towards a sale or conversion.

Let’s suppose you ask them to call your office, ensure that someone is available to answer the call and explain the next step of the process.

Even if the office is closed, there should be a recorded message that gives the information when to call back.


Use Secondary CTA

All of your visitors are not prepared to engage immediately, and they may require some supporting information to respond their queries. If you are asking somebody to purchase something, a perfect secondary CTA would be to download a product brochure.

Instead of doing research elsewhere the visitor will get all information from your brochure and that will build confidence to your visitors to proceed further with you.

Furthermore, ensure that the secondary CTA does not compete with your main CTA in size and visual dominance. A simple text link should be adequate for your additional CTA.

If you are asking someone to purchase online, providing a phone number for phone orders can make a potential customer more likely to convert if that’s their preferred contact method.



It’s very essential that the message of your landing page is steady from top to bottom. When the visitors first see your headline and call to action button, at least the viewers should get the idea of what is your page is about and what they will get if they click on your call to action button.

If you can follow this then the visitors will get to know upfront what you are trying to offer, resulting in a great page experience.



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