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Cut The Fluff on Your Landing Page – Chapter – 14

Cut The Fluff on Your Landing Page – Chapter – 14

Eliminate Distractions and Unnecessary Components

To prevent distractions, you need to eliminate all unnecessary components from your landing page. If any element on your landing page does not help the visitors in converting, then you probably have to remove that particular element.

You won’t see any unnecessary components such as blog posts or your latest tweets on effective landing pages as these things are distracting the users and provoke them to click away from your page before taking the action.

Stop Extracting Information You Don’t Really Need

Don’t ask the extra information from your visitors those are not really essential for you.

For example, a visitor comes to your page for downloading an eBook and you are asking for information like address, birthday, age, or other details.

Do you think will the visitors provide that much information for downloading an eBook?

Absolutely Not!

Asking for too much information can lead the visitors to bounce off from your page. As such, you should have only asked for name and email address at most.


Don’t Overstate

Never overstate on your landing page and say what you are exactly offering because the truth will come out, and if you have mentioned something extra on your landing page, your visitors are sure to leave and will never come back again.

Because, who would trust a liar?


Remove Your Coupon Field

What you do when you a see a coupon field on a checkout page?

You usually go to the search engine to find the coupon code, but sometimes you don’t go back to the checkout page to complete the purchase.

So, remove the coupon field if any as it makes the way for the visitors to leave your page.


Hide Negative Social Proof

We all know that the social proof can increase the conversion rates, but the negative social proof can also kill your brand and conversion rates.

For example, if you have 20 twitter followers and 30 Facebook likes, your social proof can work against you. Make sure you hide the negative social proof that appears on your page.




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