OmniKick Makes Your Marketing Messages Sound Like It Was Written By Someone Who Knows Their Customers.

Behaviour Triggered Automation

Behavior-Triggered Campaigns

With OmniKick, Your Customers Get the Right Message at The Right Moment.

To build a successful marketing campaign, you need to truly and fully know your customers. What they want, and what makes them tick. OmniKick collects all the key information you need to understand your prospects’ behaviors when they shop on your website. OmniKick compiles, pulls together, builds and extracts critical insights that will help you succeed selling to your customers.

OmniChannel Sequence & Flows

Track customers journey across channels

Message Customers Based On Which Marketing Channel They Use

Marketing channels appeal to different audiences and needs. And also, customers have different expectations on various channels. To connect and foster a strong relationship with a customer where they’re active, you need to deliver a message they expect to see only on that channel. That’s how you stand out and get customers’ attention on different marketing platforms.

Personalized Offers

Personalize Your Offer

Personalize Beyond Knowing the First Names of Your Customers. Instead, Present Products And Offers They Need and Want At the Perfect Time

Customers expect all brands to know their names. So, personalizing your messaging by including their names isn’t enough to convince customers to buy from you. You need to do more. With OmniKick, you’ll be able to personalize not only the message you send to customers but also the offers. You’ll promote your products or services when customers are interested in buying.


Retarget Customers

Recognize Your Customers on Social Media Platforms And Present Your Offers There Too

Your customers use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can detect each of your prospects on these platforms and put your marketing messages in front of them. So, you don’t only have to communicate with customers on your website and email alone.

Website Engagement

Improve Website Engagement

Get More Engagements From First Time Visitors

Engage with first-time visitors the moment they land on your website with OmniBot. Omnibots enables you to create predefined messages that first-time visitors can select to communicate with you. By using omnibots, you'll increase engagements on your website. And more engagement leads to more conversions. That, in turn, would increase your sales.