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360 Degree Subscriber Profile

Do you want to get insightful data with every lead you capture? Only name and emails can’t help you to know more about your customers. So you are spending more time and money to find out more about these leads every day. If you do not know whom you are chasing, you can never keep up with them.

OmniKick’s 360 Degree Subscriber Profiling does this chasing and tracking in real time. This feature lists your subscribers under contacts and creates a profile for every lead it captures. The profile contains enough data to give any lead generation software a run for their money.OmniKick generates and gives you these data all for free and directly helps in lead scoring.

Here are the functions of this feature-

  • Shows the name and email of the subscriber
  • Fetches social media profiles, so you know who your subscribers are
  • Records the technical data such as device type, browser type, and many more
  • Records behavioral data of every subscriber accurately
  • Records all the actions were taken by the subscriber
  • Easily accessible any time

Learn your subscribers more than before without breaking your bank.

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