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A/B Testing

Are you battling to split test your marketing campaigns and can’t find any flexible ways?

It’s next to impossible to run a marketing campaign successfully without split testing.

For this reason, Optin Funnel built the easiest A/B testing tool. Optin Funnel’s A/B testing feature allows you to split test all your Optin Funnel and delete the guesswork, so you exactly know what’s working and what isn’t.

Here are the functions of the Optin Funnel’s A/B testing feature-

  • Just one click to create a variation of any campaign
  • Keeps showing the variations randomly to the visitor
  • You can create variations for contents, layouts, designs and see what is working best
  • Shows insightful stats on impression and conversion of each variation
  • All Optin Funnel templates and campaigns are compatible with A/B testing

Both publishers and E-commerce business have experienced a growth of 86% in their lead generation by applying Optin Funnel’s A/B testing feature. It allows you to test your contents, layouts, campaigns, and forms on different Optin Funnels and determine what is precisely working for your business growth.

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