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Abandon Intent Targeting

Did you know that you can stop 35% of your abandoning visitors before they leave by a simple technique? More than 70% visitors just don’t come back when they leave your site in the first place. So wouldn’t you want to retrieve your hard earned and expensive visitors before they leave?

OmniKick researched on millions of website and found out how abundant intent tracking has been the key to success for thousands of business. So, we built the smartest abundant intent technology that triggers precisely at the point of abandonment with the most relevant message.

The system pauses the visitors leaving intentions and gives a fresh offer to think about. More than 60% of visitors accept the offers triggered while exiting and ends up buying or subscribing at least.

Here are some of the most amazing things you can do with this technology-

  • Give a special discount or a show a different product or offer while exiting
  • Offer a lead magnet for their email, name or any other data
  • Book a meeting and get a free consultation
  • Downloading free ebooks, infographics or anything that could have some value
  • Offer to signup for a webinar
  • Offer to subscribe for exclusive, fresh tips and tricks

On average, OmniKick users have experienced a 700% increase in their conversion rate by using Abandon Intent Targeting.

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