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Campaign Scheduling 

Do you know that 90% of your visitors cancel your offers if they are not relevant to them? If your campaigns passed their demand time, then it won’t be successful. For this reason alone, a lot of small and e-commerce businesses are striving to reach their conversion goals.

Showing your campaigns at the right time when the need is on peak always gets you more sales. That’s why you need to use Optin Funnel’s Campaign Scheduling feature which can track the time-zone of your visitors and trigger campaigns accordingly.

Here are some remarkable features of Optin Funnel’s campaign scheduling –

  • Schedule by start and end time
  • Time zone rule to avoid the difference in daylight savings time/European summer time
  • Shows holiday promotions at the right time
  • Page level targeting for advance holiday campaign segmentation
  • Timed small business and e-commerce campaigns

OmniKick’s campaign scheduling feature makes your holiday and time-sensitive marketing campaign perform at its best. This feature helps your business to eliminate chances of bothering your customers by showing offers at the wrong time.

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