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Cookie Retargeting

Retargeting generates tons of money by acquiring customers who were always there in the first place. We know that many customers don’t accept an offer on the first go.

Optin Funnel’s Cookie Retargeting feature helps to chase those customers until they finally say YES! This feature allows business to take the sting out of content personalization and generate more leads.

Here are some coolest functions of the Cookie Retargeting-

  • Utilize acquired customer information to improve content personalization
  • Set promotional campaigns based on location, gender, age etc.
  • Saves money by not showing campaigns to users who are not interested in it
  • Reduces cart abandonment and increases revenue through highly targeted offers to users who are genuinely interested in it
  • Personalizes offers based on where the lead placed in your sales funnel
  • Builds own onsite retargeting audience to show targeted campaigns
  • Use cookie retargeting with email marketing and CRM software

Optin Funnel’s Cookie Retargeting helps to personalize interaction with audiences from different segments and helps to control your bounce rate while increasing conversion.

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