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Detailed Analytics

Are you missing sales and conversion opportunities only because you don’t have actionable data to use for your marketing campaign?

Optin Funnel’s detailed analytics acquires reliable data, so you never miss a single sales opportunity. This advance feature generates relevant stats that connects the dots correctly and unlocks tons of lead generation sources.

Here are the functions of the Optin Funnel’s detailed analytics-

  • Integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics
  • Allows to track and measure conversion targets
  • Can inspect clicks, views and overall conversion goal accurately for every campaign
  • It can track the referral pages of every Optin Funnel
  • You will be able to see which pages are getting you more conversion

Optin Funnel’s detailed analytics removes the guesswork and lets you pinpoint the success areas of your marketing campaign. It includes detailed content analytics and tracks both micro-conversion and conversion to evaluate your email subscribers rate and overall goal achievement. It also lets you find out which campaigns are performing and which not.

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