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Funnel Sync

Do you know that your opt-in forms can sometimes act dumb and cost you the fortune? It frequently happens with most of the lead generation software. Showing the same optin form over and over again to the same customer who has already opted in.

Optin Funnel’s Funnel Sync feature is a unique option by which you can create groups of multiple Optin Forms. The Optin Forms within the same group will share their subscriber’s data among them. That means, if a visitor subscribed with an Optin Funnel, all other Optin Funnel will know it and won’t ask him to subscribe with an email address, instead, all of the Optin Funnels will invite him to share or follow your brand on social media.

Here are the coolest functions of Optin Funnel’s Funnel Sync option-

  • Sync as many Optin Funnels you want
  • Segment your Optin Funnels by creating different groups and categorize them
  • Just drag and drop your Optin Funnel in the funnel sync box and that’s it!
  • No coding or technical skills required
  • Works on autopilot afterward

Optin Funnel’s Funnel Sync feature lets your customers experience the best user experience on your site. It enables you to control your funnels to no repeat any duplicate actions and instead focus on engaging your customer with your brand and generate more revenue.

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