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Geo-Location Targeting

Did you know that 67% of visitors abundant offers only because it appears irrelevant to them? Business suffers a lot because of this set back that frequently happens while running promotional campaigns. What if you are offering a jacket to a customer living in the hottest place on the planet? You know the answer.

Optin Funnel’s Geo-Location Targeting lets you trigger to users based on their location. It is immensely helpful because highly targeted campaigns are 60% more effective than generic promotional campaigns.

Here are the excellent functions of the Geo-Location Targeting-

  • Shows location-specific offers and coupons
  • Shows targeted suggestions based on climate and culture
  • Substitutes offer and images to place the right offer to the right customer at the right time
  • Aligns with page level targeting and displays more targeted and engaging offers
  • Centralizes discounts and offers based on the location that boosts conversion and sales

Optin Funnel is the best website conversion optimization tool that works on most of the platforms. So if you are on WordPress, Magento, Shopify, you don’t need to use any separate plug in to apply geo-location targeting. This technology helps to attract your audience with offers they need to see. Hence, increasing your sales, revenue and leads overwhelmingly.

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