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Inline Forms

Do you know what the best way to interact and convert your most engaged visitor is?  A most engaged visitor can be defined as a visitor who is reading through your contents deeply. It means the visitor now has an idea of what you are offering.

Inline Forms can convert 95% of these visitors who are already devoted to your content. OmniKick’s Inline Forms magnetizes your engaged visitors and urges them to subscribe. For this reason, OmniKick’s Inline Forms used in the industry due to its high conversion rate on content heavy sites. You can copy and paste a small code into your page to insert an inline form.

Here are some of the most cooling functions of the Inline Forms-

  • Easy text editor
  • CTA editor
  • Background color editor
  • Custom success message
  • Page targeting
  • Device Targeting

Also, many more

Optin Funnel users have experienced three times more conversion from their contents by using Optin Funnel’s Inline Forms. A lot of our users use the Inline Forms for content upgrades, increasing email list and so on. Sharing lead magnates are very easy with Inline Forms as the form stays as a simple, friendly notifier to the visitor.

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