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Know Every Action taken By your Visitors

Are you driving your visitors away by irrelevant contents? When your visitors see offers that do not fit to their interest that is irrelevant and does not make any sense to them. Hence, your marketing efforts and money would go down to the drain.

Optin Funnel’s real-time behavioral automation helps you to track every action your visitor is taking and display offers based on their activities automatically. Making the visit more relevant and engaging for the customer.

Here are functions of Optin Funnel’s behavioral automation-

  • Gives multiple opportunities to accept an offer
  • Offers are created based on their behavior and actions on site
  • Lets you act and deliver offers based on real-time activity
  • Follows the progress of the browsing session of the customer and delivers offer accordingly
  • The feature includes onsite retargeting, cookie retargeting and many more.

You can now collect actionable data from your visitors and use them to display offers that will sell.

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