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OptinLink 2-Step Optin

Do you want to increase the numbers of your leads? If you need a helping hand to generate more leads, OptinLink can be your loyal sidekick.

Optin Funnel’s 2 step OptinLink has helped our user to increase their conversion rate by up to 800% without annoying their visitors. This trigger type based on “Zeigarnik Effect” which proves that “when people start something, they are more likely to finish it.”

The 2 step OptinLink lures visitors to click on them which triggers the Optin form making it a 2 step opt-in. It reduces the rejection rate that naturally happens when visitors are redirected to a new page to subscribe or Optin.

Here are some excellent functions of the OptinLink 2 Step Optin-

  • Turns any image or link into a 2 step Optin Funnel
  • No coding or technical hands required
  • Simple copy paste process and just a click to make it active
  • Shows beautiful pop up to buy or subscribe after visitors click on the link

You can make content upgrades easily by OptinLinks 2 Step Optin. Your visitors can download a summarized version of the blog post where the link placed or an infographic version or any other document that creates value. Optin Funnel’s 2 step Optin Link has been increasing leads for almost all size of business.

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