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Page Level Targeting

Did you know that 77% of your website visitor leaves your site because they don’t feel you care for them? Your leads and conversion will remain consistently poor in numbers if you do not make your visitors feel home.

Optin Funnel’s page- specific campaigns help you to use user behavioral personalization and build attacks more targeted, specific and personalized. It is what we call the page level targeting which is increasing leads and sales for our users consistently.

Here are the features of the Page Level Targeting-

  • Segment email list and subscribers group
  • Segment lists by user’s behavior and interest
  • Allows you to send more relevant emails to your leads
  • Combines with other highly advanced display rules flawlessly
  • Segments new and repeat visitors and shows offers accordingly
  • Can show offers on highest visited or converting pages
  • Can reduce cart abandonment by timed discount offers
  • Segment offers by visitor source by combining page level targeting and refer detection

By page level targeting, you can target visitors coming from different devices, locations, and websites. Optin Funnel’s page specific targeting rules allow you to tailor your offers based on different parts of your site. Consequently, boosting your conversion, sales, and revenue. The page level targeting increase email signups by up to 786% when used accurately.

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