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Real-Time Behavior Automation

Optin Funnel’s Real Time Behavior Automation feature shows highly relevant campaigns that adjust to your customer’s current behavior on your site right away.

Most of the customers only prefer relevant offers, and in case they are not getting it they will inevitably leave. Offers must meet customer needs for higher conversion. Therefore, businesses are using Optin Funnel’s real-time behavior automation to deliver highly targeted and relevant offers instead of general marketing campaigns.

Here are the remarkable functions of this feature-

  • Gives multiple opportunities to accept an offer
  • Create offers based on their behavior and actions on site
  • Lets you act and deliver offers based on real-time activity
  • Follows the progress of the browsing session of the customer and provides offer accordingly

Optin Funnel’s real-time behavior automation makes your customer feels whoa by tailored user experience which is specially made for them.

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