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Referrer Detection

Do you want to create highly targeted and specific campaigns for individual traffic source? When you segment your marketing campaign according to your traffic sources, it gives you an upper hand to attract your visitors more and discover which marketing strategy is more actionable.

Optin Funnel’s advanced display rule set includes refer detection technology that tracks visitor source and shows campaigns accordingly. This feature detects visitors from specific sources coming from external promotional campaigns and shows new convincing campaigns when they land on your page. This feature helps you to create more personalized, targeted and relevant campaigns that are bound to increase your conversion, signups, subscriptions etc.

Here are the awesome features of the target detection feature-

  • Can be combined with other display rules
  • Targets visitors with the most relevant offers
  • Segment campaigns by source
  • Increases conversion by more definite offers
  • Works brilliantly with page level targeting and geo-location targeting

Our customers use this feature to greet their visitors coming from a specific source. The feature is also used to attract leads coming from guest postings, social media and any other traffic sources.

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