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Scroll Detection

Do you want your pop-ups to produce more results and work to its maximum potential? Pop-ups sometimes lose an opportunity because it may appear at the wrong time and interrupt your visitors instead of greeting them.

Triggering pop-ups at the right time is a crucial factor to achieve conversion goals. Optin Funnel’s scroll detection technology has been a great help to the industry for showing pop-ups without being sassy.

It triggers pop-ups at the right time when visitors are already engaged and know what you are offering. It reduces bounce rate and increases conversion without annoying the visitor for both publishers and e-commerce business.

This system display offers when the visitor has already scroll down to a certain percent of your page. It expresses the interest of the visitor and an offer at that time will have higher chances of acceptance.

Learn Some of the cool functions of Optin Funnel’s scroll detection system-

  • Accurately tracks scrolling percentage
  • Works without any interruption
  • Shows exactly when it’s set to appear
  • Does not confront or annoy the visitor

Scroll triggers increase sales and conversion due to its friendly appearance and on time display to targeted and only engaged visitors. So, the conversion rate on this trigger is scientifically proven to be higher and consistent.

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