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Optin Funnel’s SleepSensor triggers a campaign when the visitor on a site is inactive for a specified period. When there is no activity or movement detected from a visitor, Optin Funnel’s SleepSensor considers that as an intention of abandonment.

Hence, to re-engage the user, Optin Funnel’s SleepSensor triggers a campaign to reboot the user activity.

Here are some of the coolest thing you can do with SleepSensor-

  • Give a unique lucrative offer that reboots users interest
  • Use time scarcity offer to create urgency
  • Provide a quick instruction to complete a purchase that can be beneficial
  • Completely mobile and tablet friendly

Inactivity leads towards cart abandonment, dropping off from the site and session cancellations. Every visit you acquire is a result of efforts and money which nobody wants to lose. So not having the right backup for inactive users can increase your drop-offs’ significantly.

The Optin Funnel’s SleepSensor got your back for this, and you would not have to worry about your inactive users anymore.

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