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Slider Box

Do you think pop-ups sometimes distract your visitors and drift them apart from your website? It may happen in situations where your page or content may not befriend with pop-ups perfectly. So what you do?

OmniKick’s Slider Box is a perfect alternative to turn this situation around. The Slider Box gets your visitors attention without being sassy or jailing. It appears nobly and creates a contemporary interaction with the visitor. OmniKick’s Slider Box appears at the bottom left or right corner on the page.

Here are the functions that make the slider box so impressive-

  • Easy text editor
  • CTA editor
  • Background color editor
  • Custom success message
  • Image change option
  • Page level targeting
  • Device-based targeting
  • Geolocation targeting
  • Onsite retargeting
  • Cookie retargeting
  • Time-based targeting
  • Scroll detection
  • Abandon Intent targeting

Also, many more

OmniKick’s Slider Box is popularly used to display offers, discount & coupons, or guide them more into your brand’s resources.  With its highly personalized appearance and behavioral tracking functions, the Slider Box converts your visitors faster than you can imagine.

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