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Time Detection 

Do you know that around 70% of people say they get annoyed by irrelevant pop-ups? On the other hand, pop-ups are the best way to build an email list and increase sales. So how does that align?

Pop-ups are strangely annoying if not shown at the right time. That’s why OmniKick’s time detection feature is significant to make your campaigns successful.

Triggering a pop-up campaign by time controlling helps you to avoid discomforting the visitors and instead have them subscribe or buy your product. It helps you to show the campaign after your visitor engaged with your product or services. Hence, increasing the chances of converting more.

Here are some of the essential functions of the time detection feature-

  • Triggers campaigns at the right time
  • Gives the visitor a breather to settle down before seeing an offer
  • Gets the visitor engaged right before an attempt to cancel the session
  • Helps to follow best practices of Lead Generation
  • Does not appear as nosy to the visitors
  • Gets you better leads as the visitors get more time to browse your site

So if you want a campaign to perform well by keeping visitor’s attention intact, Optin Funnel’s Time Detection trigger can be a perfect choice.

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