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Viral Loop

Viral Loop is a “Success Message” of Optin Funnel Popup.

With Viral Loop you can incentivize your visitors by bonus coupons or contents for sharing your content in social media or following your brand.

The Viral Loop feature has 3 actionable steps with each funnel and generates genuine social media engagement. Here is the sequence of the Viral Loop-

  • On the first step, gets the visitor converted and gives the coupon code or bonus content in the “Thank You” page
  • On the second step, asks the visitor to take another coupon code or bonus content by following you on twitter or facebook.
  • On the third step, invites the visitor to take another coupon code or bonus content by sharing your content on twitter or facebook.

Hence, you are making the visitor happy by giving them coupons or contents and happily engaging them on social media by acquiring likes, shares on Facebook, tweets, and twitter follows right after the conversion.

The Viral Loop feature aligns perfectly with the theory of The “Zeigarnik Effect” where people are most likely to finish what they started. This feature gets your visitor in a loop where they will be happily taking actions until they end it.

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