OmniKick for Early Stage Company

Just like you, we know the tough road of starting an online business. So, we want our full force to escalate your business growth.

Eligible companies get all of OmniKick for a flat rate of $19 a month for a year.

Who is eligible?

Companies who meet these criteria are accepted

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What you get?

All of OmniKick products to get more customer.

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Drip Optin

Build Email List + Social Engagement

Generate email list & social engagement with onsite personalization.

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Increase Return Traffic + Repeat Sales

Engage your audience on desktop and mobile with browser push notification
up to 10k subscribers.

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What you can do?

Generate tons of leads, social media followers, brand awareness and higher revenue

Get more Sales

  • 1a

    Get more sales with coupon and popups

    Offer a coupon to your new visitors with a popup or slider to drastically increase your store sales.

  • 1b

    Increase Sales with Free Shipping and floating bar

    Increase your average order value and successful checkout by offering a free shipping and other bonuses with floating bar.

  • 1c

    Grow more sales with Push Notification of product updates.

    Boost your sales by announcing new collection shout out, seasonal collection alert, anniversaries celebration, announcements, cash back offers, and any other offers with push notification.

  • 1d

    Get & Keep more customer with Emails

    Build a targeted email list with Popups, Full-Screen Overlay, Slider, floating bar and convert them to paying customer soon after.

Increase Your Repeat

  • 2a

    Increase your repeat sales with Extra Coupon and viral loop

    Grow your repeat sales by giving your customers an extra coupon for next purchase by incentivizing sharing with Viral Loop.

  • 2b

    Send Push Notification with time scarcity offer

    Get more repeat sales by sending Push Notification with a limited time discount offer, end of season sales, last minute reminder and other updates.

Reduce Cart

  • 3a

    Display Abandon Intent Popup to reduce cart abandonment

    Convert abandoning visitors into customers with an abandon intent popup with a special offer.

  • 3b

    Send Cart Abandoned Push Notification

    Send personalized web push notification with product details, pricing & product image to get back them to checkout.

Generate Brand
Awareness and
Free Traffic

  • 4a

    Generate social engagement with Drip Optin

    Generate huge social followers, shares, and traffic by adding multiple social engagement steps to your Drip Optin.

  • 4b

    Get even more social engagement with Viral Loop

    Incentivize sharing to get an extra coupon will not only give you more repeat sales, but it will provide you with more social fans, shares, social traffic and sales!

  • 4c

    Send Push Notification with product updates & offers

    A planned push notification will create product position on your visitor’s mind and huge return traffic & sales.

Integrate all major marketing tools including

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