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Optimize Your Landing Page to Get Your Visitors to Take Action – Chapter – 18

Optimize Your Landing Page to Get Your Visitors to Take Action – Chapter – 18

Use Qualitative Surveys to Gather Customer Insights

The main objective of qualitative surveys is to accumulate an in-depth understanding of user behavior and the reasons for that behavior.

Qualitative surveys are more specific, and you will be able to collect both the positive and negative feedback from the users that can help you to troubleshoot the real issues.


Motivate Visitors to Give You Their Information

If you are giving something away for free on your page for your visitors, have them sign up first by using their email address, then you may send the link to their email rather than including it on the thank you page.

Your visitors won’t mind to give you their email address as long as you are giving something valuable to them. That way, at least you will get a valid email address that can be used for your future marketing.


Encourage Users to Share Their Purchase on Social Media

Encourage your customers to share about what they have purchased on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

As a result, you will not only get some referral sales but also will increase your brand awareness.


Have an Amazing Offer

The easiest way to entice the visitors, on your landing page is to have an awesome offer. Make sure that your offer is attracting enough to the visitors and that is something they are looking for.

Also, you must clarify why your offer rocks and better than your competitors.


Good Impression

Visitors make up their minds in a split second about your landing page, so there is no room to make any mistake if you want to grab the user’s good impression.

Any confusion about your message or how your page functions, your page will fail to make a good impression. If your page fails to make the good impression to your visitors when they arrive, they are not likely to stay on your page.


Reward Referrals

Many companies have grown their business just by word of mouth. But, no one will tell others about your business, unless they are getting the reward from you.

For instance, you might offer 10% off on next purchase for referring five people.

This way, you can encourage your customers to share about your product/service with more people.


Use Opt-in Form

If you are allowing your visitors to download a report or an e-book for free from your landing page, then make sure that it is done via an opt in form.

Why you miss the opportunity to make a list of potential customers who are really interested in your products?opt form



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