OmniKick Helps You Understand Your Customers on All Marketing Channels Including Your Website.

Single Customer View

Know Your Every Customer Individually

Our Tool Provides Clear Visual Data of Each Customer as An Individual

We collect data to learn about each customer and present a clear visual profile to you. The profile comprises data gathered from four main sources: information collected directly through omnibot, forms, activities from your website, third-parties, and their reactions to your previous campaigns.

We continue to update and maintain this data as they continue to engage directly and indirectly with your brand across multiple channels.


Customer segmentation

Every Customer is Different, and Your Message Should Be Too

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. And that’s why it’s so crucial to develop a strong and meaningful relationship with them. You need to continue to maintain an active relationship with them on all the marketing channels they use.



Fully Understand Your Customers To Compete

Without a full understanding of prospects, it’ll be difficult to convert them to customers. That’s why OmniKick provides you with Tags. Tags allow you to segment your prospects so that you can create messages that truly resonate with them.

Events & Activities

Track Every Action

Track Each Visit, Click, and Conversion Made By Customers

OmniKick is so effective at learning and detecting each action initiated by your prospects. It lets you learn even more than you would have known about your customers. With this information, you’ll know what customers are doing on and off your website.