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Make Everything Simple and Easy on Your Landing Page to Convert More- Chapter – 11

Make Everything Simple and Easy on Your Landing Page to Convert More- Chapter – 11


Readability allows users to read the content easily and take the information from the text. On the other hand, poor readability takes the readers away from the content. A research by Jakob Nielsen shows that people at most read only 28% of the words on a web page.

Use large font which is easy to read and short lines so that the visitors can read your content smoothly.


Use Plenty of White Space

You have to make sure that there is enough white space on your landing page so that the visitors can easily understand the information you are presenting. Having plenty of whitespace can quickly identify the headline and form.

Moreover, white space helps to enhance the user experience on your landing page, and once you make your visitors happy you increase the chances of converting them into your customers.


Use the Traditional Design

There is no problem going with the modern design. However, visitors expect to have certain things in common locations.

For an example, when you go to a page you expect to have the navigation at the top, the back button on the left side and the cart on the upper right hand corner. If you relocate any of these, the user experience suffers.


Replace Jargon with Simple English

Throw out the jargon and change it with plain English that make sense to your visitors. It is not important to write with fluff and jargon.

Never use jargon like this: “I declare that the foregoing particulars are correct and I hereby authorize the company to make whatever inquiries it considers necessary to process this application”. You may use: “The above information are correct. The company may check any of my details to process the form”.jargon


Avoid Visual Clutter

If your landing page contains images and graphics, make sure that they are not too many. One thing you must be aware that adding too many images does not help conversion, instead they work as a distraction.

If your page contains so many images or graphics, your page loading time will increase. A research by Aberdeen Group revealed, a second delay in page loading time consequences in 7% loss in conversion, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.


Add Product Filters

You may have so many products on your page, add the product filters option. This can be helpful for your visitors to find the desired items within their budget.

A case study shows that, by adding a product filter you can increase the conversion rate.


Enable the Zoom in Option

People do not want to buy anything without seeing it. Normally, they want to try it or touch it. You can’t do those things online unless it’s online software.

However, you may enable the zoom in option so that the visitors can closely see the products before they purchase.


Highlight the key benefits during checkout

According to the Baymard Institute, the shopping cart abandonment rates are roughly 68.08%.

Not Good! Is not it?

Now the question is how you can prevent the people from jumping at the last minute?

That is not as tough as you think. Just remind them why they should complete their purchase by highlighting the key benefits and include the “Best Price Guarantee” seals on the checkout page.


Keep the Search Box

It is important that a prospective customer can find the items easily what they want on your page.

Why not just add a search box that can find it for them?

You have to make sure that, even the visitors don’t find what exactly they are searching for, at least to show them the similar products which may fulfill their requirements. Having an internal search bar is essential because it helps to improve the user experience.


Always Consider What’s Not There

Go through your landing page again and again and judge it as a visitor. Of course, you will get the answer what else you should include in your landing page to improve the user experience.

On the other hand, keep it in your mind that overwhelming a visitor with too much “stuff” and not enough white space can distract the visitors.


Remove the Useless Links

Remove the unnecessary links from your landing page so that the visitors can focus on the form and call to action.

If you are serious about your conversion rates, only offer one or two options in your landing page. Too many options in your page eat away your conversion rates.




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