Send Only Optimized Marketing Messages To Your Customers.

Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard

Stay Informed With Every Detail Of Your Marketing

We provide you with a complete analytics dashboard where you can see and track all activities connected to your marketing campaigns. Track what customers are doing and why. Our reporting dashboard has a great user experience that quickly helps you understand customers.

Split Testing

Split Testing

Conduct Experiments That Help You Increase Conversions and Sales

Experimenting with every aspect of your marketing campaigns tells you the combinations that are driving the most conversions and sales. They also inform you of the elements of your marketing, which you need to ditch. OmniKick makes it easy to split test your campaigns.

Source Analysis

Analyzing Traffic Source

Discover The Traffic Source That Generates Most Of Your Revenue

Knowing the particular traffic source that has the most return on investment (ROI) enables you to invest more into that source. By doubling down on what works, your business will outperform competitors. OmniKick helps you analyze this.

Behavioral Trends

Behavioral Targeting

Learn Why a Prospect Visits, Click And Buy

Today, consumer buying behaviors continue to change rapidly. When it comes to business growth, behavioral data is more valuable than sales trends. OmniKick gives you the behavioral report to stay on top of behavioral patterns in real-time and adapt to consumer behaviors. You’ll learn the behavior and intent behind every action a prospect makes.