Give The Best And Consistent, Personalized Customer Experience Across All Channels.


One-to-One Conversation

Every Message Should Be Tailor-Made For Each Individual.

Customers should only get messages that are super-connected to them. Marketing messages should be related to their activities with your brand. No more mass-messaging. OmniKick enables you to have one-to-one conversations with customers.

Deep Audience Segmentation

Deep Audience Segmentation

Segment Customers Into Micro-Groups Based On Their Behavioral Attributes.

OmniKick enables you to use a variety of variables for segmentation. You can set the conditions a customer must meet for them to be placed in a particular segment. You can have as many segments as you want. By segmenting your customers based on their behaviors, it makes your marketing messages super relevant to buyers.

Behavior Based Automation

Behavior-Based Automation

Listen, Tag, And Trigger Personalized Offers Based on Your Customer’s Behavior Automatically.

Automating your behavioral marketing campaigns with OmniKick is effortless. The platform makes it easy to create campaigns that are sent to the right people who want to consume your offers.

Personalized Message

Personalize Your Messages

Personalize Every Message You Send.

Customers expect to receive personalized messages that make their experiences better. OmniKick is the right technology for you to send personalized messages that convert anonymous visitors into customers.