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Video Marketing Techniques

Simple yet Powerful Strategy to Win at Video Marketing

The evolution in the capabilities of the Internet and its role as a media consumption tool has pushed companies to adopt new marketing strategies. Businesses today consider videos to be a significant element in their web marketing campaigns.

This is because videos account for around 75% of all online traffic, with almost a billion hours of videos watched on Youtube every single day. Video is becoming a progressively important aspect of online marketing strategy.

But many Marketers fail at being able to use a video effectively. Usually because, in order to implement a video marketing strategy in your marketing campaign, you should be aware of your target audience. And that’s what is a blind spot for many.

And interestingly in our surveys, we have found most Marketers work by gut-feel rather than hard numbers. In this post, we dive deep into the issue. Finding a way to build a comprehensive video marketing strategy that works.

Understanding the Video Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is the set of stages in a potential customer’s journey. It begins from the realization that there’s a problem to solve, leading to the first interaction with your brand, and moving towards the ultimate goal: conversion.

So, this is the only puzzle that we need to crack. A typical Marketing funnel consists of the following stages Awareness, Consideration, & finally Conversion.

While creating videos you need to ensure that each of the videos created fits somewhere in the hierarchy. And you can’t just randomly start creating videos. You will have to prioritize.

Best kind of videos for each stage of the funnel

Videos cannot be created randomly on the basis of gut feel. Even on the basis of what is trending or is viral, if you really want to achieve traction from them.

Digressing, generally, what I recommend is to learn digital marketing in totality. Analytics and Inbound would specifically help you in creating a perfect video marketing strategy.


At this stage, your goal is to reach out to your potential audience who have a problem. You need to go to them with the solution to their problem.

The aim here is exposure. The greater the better. At this stage videos made for social media, or even SEO-driven videos for that matter can help you reach a large audience.

Video views would be a perfect metric to follow to understand the success of your videos in this stage.

Key tips would be to highlight the problem you’re helping your consumers solve and what makes you unique. A two-minute explainer video can help highlight how a product or service solves the problem in a clear and precise way. So, this would also be very helpful.

A point to note is that your initial relationship with your audience should begin with focusing more on your core values and objectives. Hence, videos should carry the essence of your values.

Make sure that you are highly effective to push the audience to find out more about your brand. So, focus on making your videos go viral.


Consideration follows awareness. In this stage, your goal is to get your potential buyer to see you as the solution to their problem. According to Forbes, sixty-four percent of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

Therefore, all you need to do is to keep reminding them why they should use your product or service over your competition.

As a matter of fact, 77% of people read online reviews before buying and 62 percent watch product review videos before buying. So, testimonial videos will be of great help in gaining heavyweight credibility for your brand.

You may even choose to use a product video at this stage. Be mindful that it should be a more in-depth explanation of how exactly your product or service works.


The final stage of a Marketing funnel is the conversion stage. If your potential customer has made it this far, congratulations! You have successfully achieved to grab their attention.

Along with that, you have given them reasons to trust you and generated customer engagement.

Emotion is a strong factor in decision-making, so now is the time to trigger the emotions of your customers and increase brand loyalty.

Make use of tutorial videos to teach your soon-to-be customers exactly how to use your product. Once the user gets an idea of how easy the actual process is, they’ll be excited to give it a try. Moreover, a personalized video comprising of information from customers’ social media accounts, like a birthday coupon or bonus will help you connect to them even more.

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Over to You

Knowing where in the journey your customers are can help you optimize your efforts, so marketing funnel is a crucial tool to use when planning video content. You will also need reliable video hosting services to win at video marketing. And in case you want your Video Marketing Strategy to work, you need to follow this simple but oft sidelined mechanism.