Web Push Notifications

Get Up to 10% Click-Through Rate With Our Web Push Notification.

Nudge Customer immediately

Nudge Customer Immediately

Reach Your Customers Instantly Even When They Are Not On Your Website

Don’t wait for potential customers to visit your website. Meet them right inside their web browsers by sending them Push Notifications. Push Notifications are powerful and effective. And you also don’t have to worry about falling into the spam folder.

Single Click To Subscribe

Single Click To Subscribe

Subscribing to Push Notifications Is Much Easier Than Other Channels

Another reason Push Notifications are so effective is that it’s easier for customers to subscribe. They just need to click “Yes” button to subscribe.

Dynamic Personalization

Dynamic Personalization

Send Personalized Messages Using Dynamic Personalization

Push Notifications aren’t exempt from using personalization. Inside OmniKick, you can employ our dynamic personalization options to send relevant and high personalized messages to subscribers.