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Why is it important to start a blog with a coming soon page

While building a new WordPress website, is it better to make it private or to develop a Coming Soon page? 

Many bloggers and website-owners wonder whether a Coming Soon page will annoy or turn away their visitors. Marketing research suggests that it’s exactly the opposite, which is why some of the biggest brands and companies in the world decide for the Coming Soon approach when launching a new product or entering a new market.

Standard Coming Soon Pape

There are many benefits to starting a WordPress blog with a Coming Soon page. In this overview, we’re listing some of the most important ones. If you decide this is something you’d like to incorporate in your website, you can have a Coming Soon page in a matter of minutes using WordPress plugins!

Create Hype and Brand Awareness

Have you ever seen a store, cafe or club opening up without any type of previous promotion? Well, pre-opening marketing is just as important as your advertising strategies after the opening. Creating hype is especially important when you’re promoting products or services – especially if you’re launching a disruptive service like an innovative app or a kickstarter campaign.

Remember, your Coming Soon page will be one of the encounters of your brand and your audience. Make sure it’s in line with your brand message, voice and design, so that visitors know exactly what to expect in the future.

Creating Hype By Coming Soon Page

In the real world, before a store opens you can see a decorated shopwindow which screams: we’re opening soon, get ready! Your Coming Soon page is the virtual version of this eye-catching and hype-creating shopwindow. That’s why it’s very important to get it right and get your future customers excited and interested. 

Build an email list with a coming soon page

Even though we’re bombarded with social media marketing, new promotional channels and innovative advertisment methods, many marketers agree that e-mail is still one of the most fruitful digital marketing channels.

According to many experts, a potential, new or returning customer’s email address will always be worth much more than a Facebook share, Instagram like or a retweet. Emails give you a chance to approach your customer individually and give them a more meaningful and powerful message.

Email List Building

It’s clear that having 100,000 emails in your list is a gold mine – but how do you actually get there? Well, collecting email addresses on your Coming Soon page is a great way to do that. 

When a visitor sees your Coming Soon page and puts in their contact info, you have a priceless email address. Not only will you be able to reach out to the visitors who knew your website before it was cool, but you’re also sure that the visitor is highly interested in what you have to offer.  

Search engine visibility

Yes, it’s possible to score some points with old Google even when your page is under construction! As crazy as it may seem, Coming Soon pages can be SEO-optimized well enough so that the biggest search engines can index them and show it in their search results.

This is one of the perks of the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress: along with the technical and design setup, the plugin allows you to set up your site for SEO success as well. In the plugin, you will get access to a simple and user-friendly interface for search engine optimization. There, you can find guidelines, checklists and a built-in tester which will launch your SEO through the roof!

If you’re planning on a longer development process or your launch date has moved further down the road, you can still attract organic traffic using these little tricks. This is also a great solution for bloggers and website owners who want to promote their sites with a low budget. 

Also, if you rank well on Google and Bing, it can get you valuable emails and visits. According to some marketers, organic traffic is more valuable than social media traffic, especially if you’re doing SM marketing wrong. Anyone who finds your Coming Soon page through a keyword is a visitor who is already interested in your topic!

Pre-sale opportunities with coming soon page

If you are selling a physical or digital product, a Coming Soon page is a great opportunity to set up a pre-sale. Here, you can offer your product at a reduced price for customers who have already found their way to your web. 

If you manage to get a lot of traffic through SEO and other marketing channels, it’s a real shame to miss out on all potential customers you might reach with a pre-sale Coming Soon page.

A Coming Soon page is a great way to offer some of your flagship products. For example, if you’re selling on Etsy, you can redirect your visitors from your Coming Soon page to your Etsy product page with an attractive banner presenting the product. You can do this with many sales channels, such as Amazon, Amazon Kindle (for e-Books), eBay, or whichever platform you sell your products. After you launch, your customers can easily recognize your flagship product from your Coming Soon page and find it on your new website.

Next to the awesome pre-launch direct sale, you will also have another precious email of a recent customer on your list. 

Test the audience response with coming soon page

It’s never too early to start playing around with analytics and getting some insights into the behavior of your future visitors. Understanding your audience is of crucial importance, and you can start noticing audience behavior even through your Coming Soon page.

With a Coming Soon page, you can easily switch between different templates and test the audience response using your analytics tools. In the UnderConstructionPage WP plugin, you can choose from more than 170 different templates and observe how your visitors react. Some brands and companies even switch coming soon pages with different color schemes, user experience and copy to test which ones gets the best response.


When it comes to email list building, for example, you can do A/B testing of two different Coming Soon templates and see which one gets you more emails. It’s an easy way to do some micro-rebranding and adapting to the visitors’ wishes without actually having to alter your website and brand.

Feel free to play around and figure out what works best for you, even in this initial stage.

Social media promotion with coming soon page

Different niches and products use social media in different ways and degrees, so before you start, you will have to set up a social media plan and decide what exactly are your priorities.

Certain products absolutely depend on social and it’s impossible to promote them on a grand scale using only a website. For example, a dropshipping product which is re-sold on the US market has to go viral in order to sell. The only way to do that is social media.

If you have this type of a product, your Coming Soon page is a great way to promote your other social media channels. If you get a visitor interested, they can easily redirect to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube and connect with you there. 

Plugins like UnderConstructionPage and ComingSoonWP offer easy installation of social media widgets and themes. You can also use different templates which will set your website apart from the rest.

Show that You’re Serious About the Launch

Let’s face it: there are many lousy websites out there and you can see when someone put in 20 minutes into building a website. When the website is poorly built, you can also consciously or subconsciously perceive that the brand is low-quality and not that well put-together.

So, showing your customers and visitors that you’re serious about your brand and mission is the first step of them being serious about it too. One of the ways to do that is to build an Under Construction WordPress page. This shows the visitor that your team is diligently working on making the best possible website for your business or blog. When someone puts in that kind of preparation and effort into their own site, the customer knows that they can expect the same treatment as well. 

It’s not difficult!

Finally, one of the reasons many users decide not to have a Coming Soon page is that they think the set up will be time-consuming. This is true if you’re not using a plugin: if you want your coming soon page to be attractive and cool, creating it manually can be quite a hassle.

Luckily, there are many blogging tools and resources out there that do the job for you. Just like WordPress themes, Coming Soon pages come with all kinds of templates, color schemes and functions. With a plugin like UnderConstructionPage WordPress, you can easily adapt your coming soon site to suit your needs and purpose. So starting a blog is not difficult at all.

Given all the benefits that we’ve talked about above, forget about the It’s hard excuse, download one of the Coming Soon WordPress plugins and reap the benefits of successful pre-launch marketing!