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SumoMe Alternatives That Will Help You Turn Visitors into Buyers

SumoMe is one of the amazing internet marketing tools you can use to build growth and drive sales to your business.

To succeed online, you shouldn’t just know how to drive web users to your website. You should also know how to convert those visitors.

You gain little to nothing when prospects visit and leave your website. You need to make them stay longer, and come back again and again. This is called repeat visits.

Repeat visits are very crucial when selling online.

Potential customers have to be fully aware of your brand.

Building familiarity and positive reputation in the minds of prospects takes time.

You can’t build them in the first, second and even third visits.

In a remarkable study published by Google, one auto customer had 900 digital touchpoints within a 3-month period before deciding the car brand to buy.


Looking at the above picture, you’ll see that the customer:

  • Did 139 Google searches,
  • Watched 14 YouTube videos,
  • Saw 89 images,
  • Had 69 interactions with car dealers,
  • And 186 interactions with car manufacturers.

This customer visited the same websites many times, looking for different information.

You can get repeat visits like these when you start collecting your website visitors’ emails.

A powerful tool like SumoMe helps you collect emails with ease and help you learn more about prospects.

But there are also many other tools you can use to get the same functionalities SumoMe offers.

Let’s talk about these SumoMe alternatives.

OmniKick is the Best SumoMe alternative

If you’re looking for the best SumoMe alternative, search no further because you’re at the right place.

OmniKick is the best SumoMe alternative because it offers more functionalities and better personalization than most conversion tools out there.

You’ll be able to personalize your pop-up messaging with OmniKick. That is something you can’t do with SumoMe itself.

So OmniKick is not just a SumoMe alternative. It is also better than SumoMe by far.

OmniKick doesn’t just convert visitors into paying customers. It puts smiles on their faces by addressing them using their names.

The great thing about our tool is that it’s cheaper than SumoMe and other alternatives listed on this page and the ones you’ll find anywhere online.

If you want to compete in your niche, grow your business and drive more sales, you should start using OmniKick.

OmniKick is easy to set-up, and our editor is the best out there.

A complete web beginner can start creating high-converting pop-upsOmniKick.

We have ready-made templates to get you started today.

All you have to do is sign up today, and you’ll be amazed by the results you’ll get.


You can do more with OptinMonster than you can in SumoMe.

OptinMonster allows you to create pop-ups about anything from payment forms, blog post to a product.

You can create a video pop-up, custom survey pop-up, Facebook Like Box, fun quiz, related post pop-up, related product pop-up, contest pop-up, contact form pop-up and even a donation pop-up.

For example, below is a screenshot of a fun quiz pop-up.


You don’t have to be a web developer to use OptinMonster.

You set up pop-ups, a/b test, and segment your audience without writing a single line of code.

OptinMonster integrates well with many email marketing services, websites and e-commerce platforms.


LeadPages is quite different from SumoMe, but it’s a powerful digital marketing tool that can help you convert visitors into buyers in no time.

With LeadPages, you create a separate landing page where visitors go and submit their details.

You can also create pop-ups with lead pages. Their pop-ups are called Leadboxes.

Leadboxes are opt-in forms that can be triggered automatically, by time or action.

Or manually, by a user clicking an image, button, or link. They can be standalone elements (such as on your website) or part of a Leadpage (a landing page created by Leadpage).


There are 3 types of Leadboxes:

  1. Standard Leadbox: A Standard Leadboxe is triggered when a user clicks on a link, image or button. The visitor has to click something before the pop-up shows.
  2. Popup Leadbox: A Pop-up Leadboxe is triggered when the user has been on the site for a certain amount of time, viewed some pages on the site. LeadPages gives you an option to choose if you want to wait some days before displaying the pop-up again.
  3. Exit Leadbox: An Exit Leadboxe is triggered when a user moves their mouse or view the page in a way that shows that they are about to leave. You also have the option to choose an amount of days before triggering the pop-up again.

The difference between LeadPages and Leadboxes is simple:

Leadpages are landing pages you send visitors to from other pages on or outside your website.

While Leadboxes are pop-ups that display on your website.

If all you want to do is create landing pages and pop-ups on your site, Leadpages may be a better option for you than SumoMe.

It’s always mobile responsive, and there’s no coding required.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a plugin that only works on WordPress sites.

So, if you’re not using WordPress, you may have to turn to other SumoMe alternatives.

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire said he saw a 238% increase in conversions when he switched to Thrive Leads.

This tool lets you design opt-in form in its drag-and-drop editor.

It offers advanced targeting, which allows you to show highly targeted offers to visitors based on the posts, categories, and tags they are on your site.

With Thrive Leads, you can a/b test different opt-in forms on your website, track and analyze results.

The tool provides an excellent reporting and actionable insights right there inside WordPress.

Here are the different types of pop-ups Thrive Leads offers:

  1. Thrivebox: A light pop-up box that appears right at the center of your web page.
  2. Sticky Ribbon: This is a pop-up that sticks to the top of your web page as visitors scroll down.
  3. Inline Forms: These are opt-in forms that automatically appear at the bottom of your blog posts. You can also manually add them within your post by copying and pasting the shortcode.
  4. Two-Step Opt-in Form: This is a two-step opt-in box. The first step is a link. When a visitor clicks on that link, a pop-up box shows up where they are asked to fill in their details and click the CTA button to submit.
  5. Slide-ins: These are less intrusive pop-ups that show at the bottom-right side of the screen. They do a fantastic job in grabbing attention without annoying visitors.
  6. Opt-in Widget: This an opt-in box you can put in your site’s sidebar. The sidebar offers an excellent opportunity to collect emails.
  7. Content Lock: This feature lets you lock a content on your site. Visitors can only see the content after completing an opt-in form.
  8. Scroll Mat: This pop-up is very popular these days. It appears from the top of the page and pushes the content down.

Below is how Scroll Mat from Thrive Leads works:


The animation is cool, which adds a little interesting aspect to your opt-in form.

Thrive Leads is a great product from Thrive Themes, a company that creates conversion-focused WordPress themes.

They are experts when it comes to WordPress. That makes Thrive Leads a good option if you’re using WordPress for your site.


Exit Monitor only does one simple thing:

It helps you turn abandoning visitors into paying customers.

This is just one of the things you can achieve with SumoMe.

If your aim is just to convert visitors who are about to leave on your website, then Exit Monitor is the perfect SumoMe alternative you should choose.

Exit Monitor has developed an exit-intent technology that allows you to know when a visitor is about to leave in milliseconds.

The tool provides real-time analytics that tells you everything that is happening on your website.

You can use Exit Monitor to build your email list, increase your social media followers, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and redirect traffic to another page on your website.


Picreel is another top SumoMe alternative.

They claim that most of their users get an average 25% increase in conversions after they started using service.

Picreel helps you capture abandoning visitors’ attention and collect their emails with ReelOverlay.

ReelOverlay is a pop-up that shows when a visitor is about to leave. Below is a screenshot of ReelOverlay being set-up in the Picreel’s dashboard.


They also have another popular feature called ReelSurvey, which allows you to acquire customer insights by placing a precisely targeted form that collects feedback from your website visitors.

Picreel provides you with full analytics to help you measure, track and improve your campaign. You’re also allowed to a/b test with different messages, buttons, colors, and styles on your website.

Thanks for reading.

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