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What You Should Not Do to Optimize Landing Page– Things That Can Disappoint Your Visitor’s – Chapter – 17

What You Should Not Do to Optimize Landing Page– Things That Can Disappoint Your Visitor’s – Chapter – 17

Too Much Text

Nobody wants to read the long paragraph on your landing page. Having too much text on your landing page is not helpful for the visitors at all.

Keep in mind that, the landing page should draw your visitor’s attention and make them understand the key points of your products or services.

Show the important aspects of your product/service to your visitors and give them a way to read more details if they want.


Never lie to Your Customers

Don’t even think to lie with your customers unless you want to kill your business. You probably can make some extra money by cheating with your customers, but they will share this with their friends and family. Eventually, you will be the looser in the long run.

Don’t incorporate a form if you don’t really need it

People do not want share their personal information with others unless something is really important for them. If you can really get away without a form, don’t add it.

If you are trying to expand your brand exposure, don’t bother to capture the email – but make sure branded with your identity and contact information. If your product/service is worth, then people will come to you and they will share it with others as a result your brand exposure will automatically be improved.


Not having the sound control option

If your page requires music or sound to function such as for a video-centric page or a viral flash campaign, then make sure that you give the option to control the volume. A prominent mute button should also be included.

If someone visits your page at the office or during a quiet time, unexpected sounds without any navigation may lead them to press the close button.


Don’t Do the Lead-Gen for Spamming

When you are communicating with your leads, make sure that you are sending the information on topic.

Suppose, your visitors complete a form to get your e-book about landing page optimization tips, don’t start sending them emails about motorcycles or something else. You won’t be benefited by doing this instead you will lose the trust.spam


Never Use the Images You Found On-Line

Most of the people think that the photos on the Internet are free to use wherever they wish, and this is simply is not true.

Photos on the Internet are not free and there is a good chance that when you do a Google image search for something, someone has the right to that particular image.

You might have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but if that picture is protected by copyright, then it’s worth only three words: cease and desist.

Also, if you use the photos from the Internet, you will be appeared as untrustworthy.


Don’t Annoy Your Visitors With Ads and Blinking Banners

Never use the promotional content on your landing page as people do not like to see the hypes or flashing banners. People generally consider them as spam and scam.

If you really need to keep them, then clearly distinguish the sponsored content from your own content.



Don’t guess about the visitor’s knowledge. You may have different categories of customers, and definitely you expect that they all understand what you are trying to say.

As you are working the whole day in this sector, it might be easy for you to understand but it could be difficult for them to understand. Place yourself into their shoes and foresee their queries. Then, you answer them on the page.


Avoid the Trap of Overselling

Overselling happens when you assure to buyers that they will get more than what they need, but you are unable to deliver what you have committed. It makes issues rather than solutions. This is the easiest way to lose the trust as well as the customers.

Say what you are giving and deliver your customers what you have promised. Nothing less, nothing more.


Avoid Bloated Adjectives

Stay away to include inflated adjectives like “Awesome”, “Amazing”. Such adjectives are likely to make people think you are overselling and trying too hard.

If your product/service is truly awesome or amazing, then you don’t have to mention them, your customers will do the rest.




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