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10 Powerful E-Commerce Growth Hacks That Will Grow Your Online Store

Growth hacking is happening.

Each year, we see new startups emerge with incredible growth numbers.

Facebook used growth hacking. It used different growth tactics to get to 2 billion monthly active users.


Airbnb employed growth hacking to achieve tremendous growth within a very short time.


Every e-commerce startup wants to grow fast with lots of customers and users.

The phrase, “Growth Hacking” was coined by Sean Ellis after trying to come up with a new job description.

Growth hacking works like word-of-mouth marketing.

So, what are the growth hacking tactics that will help grow your sales and revenue faster? There are five powerful e-commerce growth hacking tactics that always work.

1. Build a brand

Prospects should feel different when they visit your e-commerce store. If you can achieve that, then you have a brand.

Branding isn’t just your e-commerce startup’s name, logo design or site design.

Your brand is the impression you have on people.

Branding is essential when selling online.

Branded products sell better than unbranded products.

Not branding means there’s no way for consumers to differentiate you from the competition.

And no differentiation means no long-term profitability.

Branding is what separate Coke from Pepsi, Google from Bing, Amazon from Walmart, and Apple from Samsung.

Consumers don’t have relationships with products. They are loyal to brands.

Companies like Apple and Amazon are successful because they’ve built rock-solid brands over the years.

You can hack growth through branding.

How do you do that?

Start looking for fresh branding ideas. There are lots of individuals and companies building their brands right now.

You can steal their ideas and use them even better.

For example, Dannijo is a jewelry brand founded by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder in 2008.

The sisters are using Instagram to showcase their lives and tell their stories.


If you’re an e-commerce store owner, you can replicate this brand’s growth tactic by using Instagram to showcase your life and inspire consumers.

Be in the know. Read the OmniKick blog on a regular basis.

There are also others like the Shopify blog and Practical E-Commerce.

2. Target your best customers

The most important part of marketing is knowing the people you want to reach.

If you ask me who you should be reaching most on the internet, my answer would be “your best customers.”

Your best customers are people who continue to buy from you and generate most of your revenue.

If you’ve been selling for some time now, you should know who your best customers are.

There are tools out there that help marketers analyze customers and learn more about them.

For example, MailChimp is one of the leading marketing automation tools on the web.

It helps you learn a lot about your best customers.

Our tool, OmniKick integrates nicely with MailChimp.

What MailChimp does is amazing.

It helps you send personalized email campaigns to your email subscribers.

You can use MailChimp and OmniKick anywhere.

Top e-commerce shops like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop all support MailChimp.

With MailChimp, you can reconnect with customers through ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Google AdWords.

MailChimp allows you to target prospects and people on these platforms who have bought from your online store before.

You can easily target people based on how much they’ve spent in your store, and how many times they’ve visited your site.

MailChimp is more effective when you combine it with OmniKick.

Here’s how they work:

OmniKick helps you collect lots of emails on your site and build your fan base on social media platforms.

MailChimp tracks those visitors and follows them everywhere on the web. The tool also tracks the amount they spend on your store in order to help you evaluate each customer’s value.


Now, with the combination of OmniKick and MailChimp, targeting your best customers is easy.

All you have to do is collect emails with OmniKick and use MailChimp to follow up and learn about them.

Then you can use remarketing to reach them on Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords (remarketing).

It’s free to sign up for OmniKick.

3. Add personal touch to your marketing

According to numerous marketing experts and studies, consumers see 3,000 – 5,000 ads per day.

Ads are everywhere.

Online ads. Marketing emails. TV commercials.

Anywhere the eye can see, there’s probably an ad there.

There’s only one way to set your ad apart from others:


Personalization is the best way to separate yourself from everyone who’s trying to get that same person’s attention.

By personalizing your marketing, you’ll win the attention of anyone online.

If you can make someone feel that you truly know them, you can persuade them to buy your product or service.

For example, take a look at the email screenshot below:


The recipient of the email in the above screenshot knows that the sender is aware of the color of their eyes, their skin complexion and the kind of skin they have.

It makes the email standout from every other marketing emails. The email message speaks to the recipient like a close friend who knows them. Not just a marketer who’s trying to sell them something.

Our tool, OmniKick lets you achieve personalization on your website.

When prospects visit your online store, OmniKick lets you address them by their first names.


Because during their first visits, we’ve collected their names and email addresses. Therefore, you have no reason to ask them the same information again.

Your next goal should be to sell to them.

Now, when prospects come back to your site the second and third visits, you want them to follow you on Twitter or Facebook.

Or, you offer them a 20% discount if they share your brand on social media.

It’s free to start using OmniKick Sign up today.

Personalization is the most effective growth hacking tactic for e-commerce.

4. Use video in your marketing

Video marketing is no longer a “nice-to-have.”

It has now switched to a “must-have.”

E-Commerce sites that are using video have a big edge over their competition.

Video marketing is a powerful growth hack because it gives you that much-needed edge to acquire more customers.

If you seriously care about growth, you should be doing video marketing right now.

Video marketing isn’t just for big businesses. Small businesses can start churning out videos too.

Video marketing may look expensive, but it’s cheap.

The most important thing you need is to feel comfortable talking and looking into a camera.

It may look awkward at first. But with time, you’ll grow into it.

Videos are faster to watch than reading texts. You can say thousands of words within minutes and your video is published.

The same content, when written in texts could take prospects hours to read.

Video conveys trust in your brand because prospects can see someone talking. Seeing a face creates a sense of connection in the minds of consumers.

Video marketing also boosts conversion rates.


If your goal is to increase sales and revenue, you should start creating and publishing videos across marketing platforms on the web.

5. Create more quality content

Many businesses are creating lots of content online every second.

That means fewer people will see your content.

How do you compete with content marketing then?

By creating more content.

Note: I’m not saying just any content.

I mean more quality content.

Maybe you’re already creating the best content in your e-commerce niche. You should create even more.

When I say quality content, people get that wrong too.

Quality content means content that achieved more views that are above the average.

For example, let’s say your content receives an average of 1,000 views.

Any content that receives between 2,000 – 5,000 views falls into the quality bracket.

The length, readability, formatting and overall value of the content don’t matter.

What matters is that it drove consumers to your website.

The time that went into creating the content doesn’t make it high quality.

Web users are the ones who’ll decide if it’s valuable to them.

If it is valuable to them, then it’s high quality.

So, create more content like this.

Study your most-performing content.

What made them successful?

Apply the knowledge gained into newer content.

And keep in mind that your quality content shouldn’t just be quality.

It should also help you achieve your business objectives.

Maybe you want more sales on your online store, or you want to collect emails, your content should help you achieve this goal.

Creating more quality content is a powerful e-commerce growth hack.

Few people are willing to create more and more quality content as competition continues to increase online.

Consumers will pay attention to your brand if you’re creating more quality content.


It’s one of the most effective e-commerce growth hacks.

6. Reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate

If customers are adding your products to their carts, it means they are interested.

When they refuse to complete their orders, it shows something is wrong somewhere.

You need to find the problem and fix it.

A 2016 study found that 77% of filled baskets are abandoned before the customer pays.


Abandoned carts are a major issue for most e-commerce stores.

To reduce your abandoned cart rate, you need an e-commerce growth hack.

Before I proceed, I’ll like to make clear that there’s no way to have zero abandoned cart.


Because there are 3 types of visitors:

  1. Water. These visitors are in need of your product and want to buy from you. These are the ones you need.
  2. Stone. These visitors will never complete your Action. They don’t know what they want. They are the ones you see searching for gold shoes on a site that sells baby toys.
  3. Clay. These visitors want your product. They can afford it. They are your ideal customers. The difference between them and Water is that they have unanswered questions. They are not convinced they should buy from you.

So, achieving a 100% conversion rate is impossible because different kinds of visitors visit your store.

What is the e-commerce growth hack for reducing your abandoned cart rates to the lowest levels?

Get your funnels right

Every e-commerce site should have a conversion funnel.

According to Wikipedia:

“Conversion funnel is a phrase used in e-commerce to describe the journey a consumer takes through an Internet advertising or search system, navigating an e-commerce website and finally converting to a sale.”

Take prospects through a conversion funnel.

OmniKick is the perfect conversion funnel for you.

As mentioned earlier, it allows you to take customers through a conversion journey.

When customers visit your site the first time, it allows you to collect their email addresses.

After you’ve collected their email addresses, you can always get back to them through emails promoting your products.

OmniKick also lets you recognize them on their next visits.

So, you know a visitor has visited your site before.

You can convert these repeat visitors by offering them an irresistible discount.

7. Encourage customers to share your brand on social media

A popular philosophical thought asks the below question:

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

The answer to this question is no because there’s no one to hear it.

The same thinking applies to digital marketing.

If no one is seeing and talking about your product on social media, then it doesn’t exist.

Visibility is an important part of digital marketing.

If people do not see your product, they won’t buy. It’s that simple.

Give customers the opportunity to share your brand with their network.

OmniKick lets you add popups that ask visitors to share your brand on social media.

In return, you may offer them discounts.

8. Target long tail keywords

Organic search is better for delivering relevant visitors for a long time.

Facebook could send thousands of visitors to your new page today and would stop in the next days or weeks.

Organic search traffic from Google works differently.

If your page manages to rank in the first page or position for its target keyword in Google, it’ll continue to get traffic from that position for many months or years to come as long as its gaining new backlinks to stay competitive.

The best way to quickly start getting visitors from Google is to target long tail keywords.


Long tail keywords contain more words, and there is less competition for them.

Put more long tail keywords into your product pages and build some backlinks.

That way, you can expect your product pages to rank high in Google and continue to receive sales.

9. Don’t stop a/b testing

After launching your store, perhaps you tested the product image size, font, and layout. Then you move on to other things and never tested again.

The truth is a/b testing is never complete.

The world evolves each day.

Even Google, the biggest search engine in the world, looks like a complete and perfect product. Yet they’re still testing and changing some things in their search engine.


Amazon and Apple conduct frequent tests too.

To stay at the top, you have to continue testing. Continue trying new things.

The only way to become a smart marketer is to test, test and test.

A/B test your product images, titles, design and call-to-action buttons.

A/B test everything.

10. Get social on social media

The most successful brands on social media focus on the “social” part of it.

The word “social” is in the phrase, “social media” for a reason.

Social media is where everyone in the world meets and engages with each other.

If you’ve been to a social event before, I’m sure you understand how it works.

Each member or visitor gets the chance to introduce themselves.

Social media is like that.

It’s a one-to-one meeting.

Every day, people are talking about topics that relate to your brand. They don’t care if you’re listening or not.

They’re not taking steps to make you interested in their social updates.

But what happens when you do respond to their posts?

You get their attention. They want to learn more about your e-commerce store and what you sell.

Then when you continue to engage with them over a long period of time, they start to become even more interested in your store.

This time, they may want to buy your product or introduce it to their network.

That is how social media works.

OmniKick allows you to get your site visitors to follow you on social media.


Selling online is becoming tougher because of increasing competition.

To compete, you need smart tools.

We here at OmniKick have created one of the smartest tools you’ll need to compete online.

OmniKick is a cutting-edge tool that will help you collect emails on your site and support your eCommerce marketing strategies.

Why email?

According to numerous studies, a dollar invested in email marketing generates an average of $44.

No marketing channel is close to beating email marketing.

That is why email is very important if you want to sell lots of products through your e-commerce store.

This article shows you the simple growth hacks you can use to get started at selling.

But these growth hacks are not enough.

You need a smart tool like OmniKick.

Sign up for free today.

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