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23 proven hacks to boost landing page conversion immediately

Your sales volume will not meet your expectation even if you got the best website in the world ranked high on Google!

Sounds bizarre?

It’s not in fact!

If you consider checking your daily visitors bounce rate, you will be surprised to see how much revenue you are losing every day!

It’s not that you did something wrong or your planning lacked any vital part of your sales forecast.

[Tweet “It’s that new things come in every day to boost the online customer acquisition process! “]

People who grab it early get in front of the others and stays onward with higher revenue!

In on-line marketing terms, landing pages are a relatively new way to hack the growth of your business and sales. Landing page optimization and its usage are focused on driving maximum leads from your online presence.

This is the fastest elevator on-line to lift your revenue to the peak.

What is a landing page?


A landing page is a standalone web page linked to your site where your visitors will land and find the specific & desired content which they have been looking for all over the Internet!”

It helps your visitors to stop going nuts by getting stormed by irrelevant information online.

A landing page lets your visitors see only the exact offer you got for them. You simply take off the distraction factor which causes your visitors to leave your site even before seeing your offer!

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This enhances the possibility of your conversion higher than ever!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Now the million-dollar questions are-

  • Do you need a landing page?
  • For what you need a landing page?
  • How do you create a high converting landing page?

 How do you know if you need a landing page


You must need a landing page if you are-

  • Promoting a new product or sale
  • Building your email list
  • Want to target a particular type of client
  • Getting traffic to your website but not converting
  • Converting but unable to nurture

Your website traffic is your prize bond! You need to have it on board if you want to cash it!

If you don’t want all your traffic to get lost in the hood simply because they did not find the right door to knock, a landing page is the most practical & proven tool at present.

Remember, landing pages and home pages are not the same!

Landing pages matter! The main reason for what you use it!

Your website works as the doorway for everyone on the World Wide Web!

So we are talking about billions of people who can see you just by your website!

Exciting isn’t it?

But what if your visitor goes back from your site?

Let’s say they abandon browsing your site, even before they see your jaw-dropping offer for them!

Your visitors won’t spend more than a couple of seconds to find out what they are looking for.

The World Wide Web is bombarded with same, better and bigger offers than what you got!

Your visitor won’t spend a lifetime to swim through your website and find out your offer!

Your competitors will be hungry as a shark to eat up your traffic once your visitors bounce back!

So what you do?so-what-you-do

  • Do you let go of the hard-earned traffic in this way?
  • Do you just rely on your visitor’s behavior and wait for conversion?
  • Do you let your cleverly made jaw-dropping offers hidden in the shadows?
  • Continue losing revenue every single day?

Hell No!

This is the place where a landing page does the job for you!

You can do these simple, but surprisingly effective things listed bellow-

  • You showcase your stunning offers individually
  • Your visitor can see exactly for what they are looking for on WWW (World Wide Web)
  • Works as secondary entrance to your home site! A landing page is linked to your che ckout page, signup page or any other page you decide! It helps you to bring the right visitor on-board!
  • No unnecessary content! Your visitor is not strangled by promising & fancy statements!
[Tweet “Eventually, a landing page can help you to get a qualified lead if not paid a customer!”]

A landing page acts as SSI( Standalone, specific, individual) offer to your visitors. Hence, you force your visitor to spend more time on your offer and focus.

So how do you convert your traffic into leads from your landing pages?

There are proven techniques I have listed just after the following paragraph. Keep reading! 

Creating a landing page


You just need to use simple tools to create landing pages!

It doesn’t need any software geek or graphical God to publish a high converting landing page!

Many tools are rolling online with demo versions. Grab the best one after testing and start boosting your sales.

Here is a small quality check before you choose the right tool-

  • Must have a demo or trial version
  • Must have web analytics inbuilt
  • Must have many designs of templates to offer
  • Must have reasonable pricing plan for paid versions

Now, no matter what tool you are using you will need to give equal priority to both of the following-

1- Using the right lead magnet for landing page optimization.

2-Crafting the best design and layout

So, while creating a landing page, follow the SURE tips bellow to ensure maximum conversion of your valuable traffic-

12 Given techniques! Convert your traffic and increase leads!

  1. Demo Videos: Include demo videos with clear and easy narration about your offer. Keep it simple and short and embed it on your landing pages. You don’t need glamor but instead, follow this quality check-
  • Clear audio and a professional voice over
  • Background music should be catchy that leaves an effect
  • Short and simple with clear and exact information
  • Easy to understand with step by step sequences

See the example below-1-demo-videos

This a widely practice technique for landing page optimization and lead conversion. A video placement like this on your page can keep the visitor hooked up for longer. Thus, the conversion possibility gets higher. Demoduck used this option on their site very effectively.

   2. The Offer Bait: Provoke the visitor with exciting news offer and get them signed up for newsletters! Put an option like that on your page which will offer newsletters with tips.

See this example here –


An option like this on your page will double the possibility of acquiring an email address from a visitor than not having an option like this on your page. Make sure you got a good offer highlighted properly and then place the CTA for newsletter subscription.  This method was used by startup digest and proved to be successful.

    3. Place Price Quotes: Offer free quotes with customizable pricing option. A visitor should be able to quote for a price according to their needs. See the example bellow-


See the “START QUOTE NOW” option placed on this page? Anyone looking for a car insurance will not hesitate to request for a quote from here. Hence, the owner of this landing page will easily get an upfront lead to nurture. This has been effective for USinsuranceonline New York in their customer acquisition process online.

   4. The catalogs technique: Create a dynamic product catalog! Offer it free to the visitors and let them ask for it online! See the example bellow-


The Northern tool and equipment USA made a great use of this technique to spread their catalog to a larger number of audience.

   5. Be the help guru: Have a FREE advice offer on your landing page where visitors can sign up! Share simple, normal and effective tips every day!


[Tweet “The more you help your visitors, the more trust you gain which eventually turns into a valid lead.”]

  6. Store webinars: Record your webinars! Then share the sessions with your visitors & potential customers! This will work as a free tool for learning about the industry and your services. Create an email page from where people can request for the webinar session. Categorize the recordings according to the theme of the session.

See this example bellow-

6-store-webinarsMadcapsoftware made a great use of the webinars by recording them and storing them under a different category as above! Their visitors can easily choose the topic and see the session of their selected webinar. This creates a great value to your landing page

7.  The whitepaper effect: Include whitepapers on your website for free download! Whitepapers are documents which speak about a particular issue or problem and then presents a solution! Choose topics which are concerns of your industry and publish it on your landing page! Highlight the whitepaper and ask for the contact information of the visitor for downloading it! See the example below-lead-capture-landing-pages

Openx had it right on target as you can see on the example. They asked for limited information in exchange of a valuable report. This will surely be effective if your content has enough depth in it.

  8. Be the quiz master: Create a smart but simple quiz section on a landing page! Offer unique and helpful prize! For example, list of top freeware software’s, list of browser secrets, software cracks& so on!

See the example below –8-be-the-quiz-master

Categorize the quiz on different topics such as website building, optimization, landing page and etc. Thus, you get to know the participant’s knowledge base and interest!

I am not saying that this is a must! But if you got a simple, small and interesting quiz section on your page that creates more value.

 9Be the referral master: Highlight referral program! Let your visitor sign up for something free by your landing page! Then instruct them to refer you to a certain number of people!

For example,

You put content like this   “Refer the product to 10 people and get a discount on the paid plan”

This possibility of referring your offer would elevate the chances of reaching out more people from a single visitor!

10. The lotto game: Arrange a lottery! Include a lottery participation form on your landing page and let the visitor participate. Giveaway simple things like a great E-book, your custom made tutorials or even a free ride of your product! However, make sure the prize is related to your business so you get only interested participants and valid leads.

See the example below-


This add is from US online lottery. Your visitors won’t mind participating in a lottery which will only take a few seconds and ask minor information like email, name and favorite (product or service which you offer!)

11. Open your gate for the visitor: Attach email gate on top of your demo videos! Let the e-mail gate pop up right after few seconds of your video and ask the visitors to enter the email address to continue.

See the example below-


12. Get your crowd excited: Crowed sourcing is a great way to attract your visitors and encourage them to become your leads! Arrange voting & survey on your product and include it on your landing page! Let your visitors recommend what type of product they want!

For example, a line like this “Choose the latest options of our upcoming landing page builder! Vote now


Let the visitor put their suggestion on the functionality of your next product. Thank them for their participation and appreciate their voting. This creates a good relation and leads for your business. The example here is from IPPINKA which has gained a large popularity from this voting section!

These techniques can be called lead magnates as well! You use these techniques to attract your visitors and get them into your sales funnel for nurturing.

Now to use lead magnates to capture leads, you would need a magnetic field in the form of a perfectly designed landing page that converts!

Remember, designing a perfect landing page and customizing it for maximum conversion are two different parts. If i break it down by equation it will appear like this-

# lead megnat+the right design=landing page optimization

# landing page optimization =more conversion

# more conversion=more leads

#more leads=more customers

#more customers=more sales and money

It’s cool, isn’t it?

So far, I have shown you ALL the effective techniques by which you can convert your traffic! But that must be backed up by a perfectly designed landing page.

So here is a gift for you-

Make your landing page design supreme! 11 ultimate techniques

1st- The best design: Craft a design which would be dynamic in its appearance but simple to understand. Appear with fascinating images and eye-catching color combination. Place your CTA (call to action) buttons in proper areas with a color combination that matches your background. Put the information in the right places of your page.

See this example below-


This is a landing page from Long Tail Pro! Yeh, you heard it right. The SEO giant in the hood!

Look how they have showcased their product and a title which is surely gonna force the visitor to at least spend few more seconds than normal.

The CTA down the page with the yellow button is the last nail in the box!

Moreover, check how cleverly they have used the FREE word all over the page. If you check the video duration it’s only of 34 seconds by which they explain everything!

2nd –Start with a bang: Choose a dynamic, unique and relevant headline on every one of your landing pages! Highlight the offer on the heading to fulfill the desire of the visitor & educate the visitor in seconds.

This is a page from contently! See how they have almost avoided every distraction factor and just stuck to the offer what they want to give to the visitor?

[Tweet “They spoke what they can do just by their headline and stated everything”]

3rd – Make the second line better than the first: A great sub-header which should express the benefits to your visitor. Make it short & simple.

I am sticking to the last example on headlines because the sub-header on this example is a bull’s eye! See how they have used power words like simple, create, update, coding, and custom? This a catchy technique to grab the visitors attention in the first 5 to 8 seconds.

4th- Let your action speak louder than words: Share your offer with minimum content with maximum value. For example, grab the attention by a catchy headline, create interest by subhead-line, inform about your offer right away, and show the way to grab the offer!

See the example below


This is a live example of Invesp which has designed this page for traffic conversion. The key area to observe here is the limited content they have used!

The page starts with fact based title (Gives numbers) and follows with a short checklist. Moreover, starts every sentence of the checklist with the magical word FREE! The entire list is concluded by only 4 points.

So, it’s gonna take only 15 seconds for a visitor at max to understand the offer!

5th- Get your royal customers a publicity: Include testimonials on your landing page and highlight them to your viewers by a visual emphasis. For example, add photos or videos besides the testimonial and social proofs! Now, what is a social proof? A social proof is when you attach a happy customer’s feedback with the customer’s social profile link! This creates a great trust for your visitors when they are spending a couple of seconds on your landing page.

See the example below –


This is a happy user’s feedback on Conspire with social proof! This elevates the genuinely of your offers and services big time.

6th- Trust signals: This is a great way to lift the appeal of your landing page! Visitors online are skeptical and trust badges can help you to overcome that drawback. Simply add logos of any well-known brand you have worked with in the past! Any recognition or groups you are associated with can be mentioned on your landing pages if that’s relevant. This creates an edge for the trust to grow between your visitors.

Furthermore, graphical badges designed like following sometimes catch the attraction of your visitor-

See the example below-


Not to be mentioned this is meaningless! Lol.

7th – Keep your forms short: Your landing page will have a higher chance of collection leads if it’s asking lesser information to the visitor. One of the core reasons of your website bounce rate is high is the lengthy form which asks too much information (From Visitors Point Of View).

So you just keep the most vital parts like email address filled & phone number field or email address & full name.

Your lead collection rate will increase significantly!

On the left of the page there is a sign up form asking for email and password only! When you limit the requirement of data from the visitor the click through rate gates higher!

8thDazzel with images: Brain storm to integrate excellent images! Make sure every image you put on your page have a relevance and connect with your message. Make the color combination perfect and eye friendly. Ensure that the concept of the image directly relates to your offer and catches the focus of the viewer.

See the example below from fiverr-


The page has almost ZERO content, one CTA and a mind-blowing image on the background that says it all! You can judge the quality of work only by looking at the background image and decide what to do next.

9th Put the door in the right place:  Put your CTA (Call to Action) in the right place! A call to action button is used to tell the visitor what’s the next step! For example, if you want a visitor to proceed towards a particular action such as entering the email address, downloading something, watching a video or signing up for a service, a call to action button is used to give that particular instruction to your visitor! Make sure the contrast of the text of your CTA matches the background. Make sure you are clear with your CTA message! Confusion on instruction provided to a visitor causes a huge bounce rate!

See the example bellow from VistaPrint New York-


The CTA “Get Started” is place right under the pricing and features! Beside that, there is a sample image of the business cards. This gives a brief idea in short to the visitor. The content is less thus allowing the visitor to focus on the offer precisely.

10th Tell a story in seconds- Embed a short promotional video of a couple of seconds. Create the video to educate and inform your visitor! For example, your visitor is browsing online to look for cheapest email campaigns available! Your video can have a short brief on how email campaigns work and how it benefits others! Share few knowledge which can help a visitor regardless of any action they take on your page.

See the example bellow from appdemovideos USA-


The video is less than a minute long and describes the offers efficiently. This engages the visitor more your page and keeps them hooked up longer! This eventually results in higher conversion and better impression of your site!

11th Let the visitor reach you- Make sure you have a clear contact information on your landing page. Encourage the viewers to contact you and let them feel that they can get help regardless of any subscription or purchase!

See the example bellow from 24/7techies USA-


In this landing page they have highlighted their contact information and entered two CTA precisely for contact. This is a good technique to encourage visitors to get in touch with you. This also elevates your geniuses to the visitor. So not a bad idea to implement!

Either you got a PPC landing page or only for generic conversion the perfect design is evident for success.

So all set to create the perfect convertible landing page?

Give a moment, let’s make it easier for you to choose the right category of landing page before you start-

Complete list of landing pages for your business (Categories)

Landing pages (Basic Categories)-

  • Conversion landing page ( Created with a primary objective for transactions )
  • Organic landing page ( Created with a primary objective for drawing traffic and converting them in to subscribers )

Conversion landing page (categories)-

  • Click through Landing Pages- “You display the offer to your viewer with context and benefits! Convince them to click on a CTA that will redirect the viewer to a transaction page where they may complete a purchase. The click through direction to transaction page names this kind of landing page as click-through landing page”

See the example bellow from decorator design guide USA-


Once you enter the zip code and press GO, you are taken to another page for further information and proceed onwards. Your CTA placement needs to be on spot to assure a higher CTR on your pages.

  • Microsites- “This is almost like a side kick to the super hero! When home page is the face of a business the microsites acts as the different shape of the same entity online. For example, vehicle traders often host micro sites to display their collections like a micro site for 4 wheelers, another site for 2 wheelers and etc.! These pages usually have a vanity URL connected to its relevance of the campaign.

See the example below from the University of West England-


This is a microsite having lesser information and focusing on actions taken by visitors. That’s why you can see the “Enquire Now” button highlighted right at the middle of the page.

This is how their main site actually looks like-


  • Product Detail Landing Pages– “This is a very popular type of landing page widely used in retail industries. This is normally placed within the main website that showcases a complete details of particular offer or product for sales. The advantage of this type of landing page is it saves the time and effort to create a separate page from the main website and publish it!

See the example bellow from E-bay-



  • Infomercial Landing Pages– “Typically very long pages with a detailed view on the offer! Viewers would have to scroll down for quite a long to check the offer. However, the content is presented in such a manner on these pages that it gets to the visitor quickly and makes the engaged to the page. They keep scrolling down to the end only to see what’s next! So the design and content placement is the key for these pages”

Organic landing page (Categories)-

  • Lead Capture Landing Pages- You may call it a squeeze page as well. This page does not have any redirected links or any other place to navigate through. The only option it will display will be a field to enter the email address or any other contact information of the visitor.
  • Viral Landing Pages- These pages are designed to create a buzz in the hood which will spread throughout the community. These pages are built with entertaining, funny and catchy elements that creates a trend.
  • Opt-in pages- This is a very popular type of landing page for issuing anything free to the visitors. Such as check lists, videos, E-books, webinars etc. This is a landing page which is very effective to capture targeted leads against free wares.

Opt in pages sub-categories-

  • Checklist download landing page( Allow free checklist for download to the visitors )
  • E-book download landing pages( Allow free E-books for download to the visitors )
  • Webinar pages ( Allow users visitors to attend webinars by creating easy to understand invitation with clear message )

After selecting the right category & design, customize the page as you have just read. Then publish it on the needed platforms as bellow-

Publishing landing pages

You can publish a landing page in the following methods-

  • On the server of the landing page provider
  • On your word press site
  • Or you Facebook page

So you can literally present your hot offers to your general audience on the Internet, on Facebook and your blog readers.



Landing page optimization and its usage are now an industry requirement. So choose the right category, design the supreme page and customize it for conversion just as discussed!

Then get ready to be surprised by the result! You will get to see immediate changes and real time results in your conversion.

Your revenue should increase significantly if you do it in the right way as above.

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