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8 Marketing Jobs You Can Do From Home

There is no need to commit yourself to an in-house team or a regular office if you wish to work in the marketing industry.


These days, many marketers are perfectly fine carrying out their tasks from home. The recent pandemic showed how people are capable of adapting to a new work environment. 


Sure, it helps to interact with coworkers and clients in person since it reduces potential miscommunication issues. However, that is something one can work on improving with experience, so miscommunication should not be an obstacle.


Since working remotely as a marketer is an option, the idea of pursuing such a career path is quite appealing. 


If you have some experience to back up your job search, you will have an easier time finding the desired position. On the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities to become an intern and slowly build your experience.


The first thing you need is to decide what kind of marketing job you would like to do. As you can guess, there are quite a few available options. And remember that if you struggle with your first attempt, you can take the experience with you to the next gig.

Having said all that, let’s take a look at some marketing jobs you can do from home.


SEO Specialist


Search engine optimization is one of the cornerstones of a successful brand trying to grow its presence online.


According to Higher Visibility, Google alone received over 80 billion queries in February 2023. BrightEdge published a study as well, indicating that roughly 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search.


The task of an SEO specialist is not just about creating a successful initial campaign. No, the reason why some businesses prioritize other marketing methods is because search engine optimization is a long-term task that requires constant investment to step up and develop new strategies.


Keeping up with the trends can be tricky. The strategy you work on for a long time could become obsolete overnight, which calls for a quick change to not fall behind the competition.


Other than spotting the trends and developing strategies, the work of an SEO specialist also involves link-building and working with the content team to ensure that the website has optimized content.


When starting, you might discover that there are blackhat and whitehat SEO tactics. As a rule of thumb, any self-respecting specialist should stay away from the former. After all, you do not want to suffer from a negative reputation, right?


Ultimately, while working as an SEO specialist is one of the most rewarding experiences, it is one of the hardest jobs in the marketing industry.


Content Marketer


Content marketing is another example of work you can do remotely. This position is about creating attractive and useful content targeted at a specific audience.


Take the tech industry, for example. If your website covers laptops, the potential for content ideas is more or less endless. You can focus on solving OS-related specific problems like fixing the blue screen of death or explaining what is kernel_task in activity monitor.


Producing laptop reviews, comparison guides, upcoming news, speculations, etc., is also a possibility. It is about what course the website takes.


As a content marketer and one who creates the pieces, you have to be:


  • well-versed in the niche 
  • have your sources; 
  • know how to do research;


Checkmarking these three is an excellent indicator that you are on the right track to becoming a successful content marketer.


While articles are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about content on the internet, it does not end there.


Other forms of content exist. Infographics, videos, newsletters, and virtually any other type of media you can find online.


As a single person, covering everything might be impossible, which is why it is common to see content teams with members who work on specific pieces.


You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses to determine what kind of content you can excel at as a creator. 


It will involve trial and error, and you are probably going to doubt yourself due to how many better content creators are out there. That is something you will have to overcome.


Social Media Manager

Social media involves a lot of different marketing strategies. If one person manages a single SM profile, their usual routine of tasks includes:


  • Copywriting
  • Customer service
  • Graphic design
  • Interacting with an audience
  • Running PPC campaigns
  • Keeping up with social media trends


Copywriting is part of social media content creation, as is graphic design. It varies from case to case basis, but many social media managers also involve themselves in content creation. 

If not directly, at the least, they collaborate and let the creative team know what content they should create.


Audience interactions involve responses to direct messages and comments. Social media engagement is an important indicator of the overall campaign success, and one way to build it is not to be active and not ignore your audience.


Social media trends come and go, so it is important to identify them and implement a trend. For instance, one of the most recent notable changes is how platforms are introducing direct commerce on social media, Facebook being the pioneer. 


To become a social media manager, you have two options. The first is to get in touch with various brands and offer your services. The second is to create and grow a social media page yourself.


Out of the two options, going with the second is the most common since you need to build experience if you want to take on already established accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites.


Managing multiple SM accounts is not the same as working as an influencer. No, think of it as someone who sits behind a brand. There is no need to reveal your face as you are working from the shadows, so to speak.


Outreach Specialist


Working as an outreach specialist has its perks, but the position is not for everyone. It involves direct interaction with people, the majority of which are usually cold leads.


Some companies ask their outreach workers to make cold phone calls, but the practice is not as prominent these days.


When we think about outreach marketing specialists, it usually involves social media and email marketing.


The goal is to reach as many relevant leads as possible, usually with a template that requires a small adjustment, such as a recipient or company name change. There are also massive outreach campaigns that involve an identical message for every single recipient.


Outreach marketing also involves networking. You build connections with people in the same field. Link building is a good example. If you work as a link builder and want to publish links on various websites, reaching out to SEO specialists or content marketers is a solid strategy.


Having experience as an outreach specialist is also beneficial for future endeavors. If you know how to persuade people to have them respond to a call to action, your skill set will be valued, and you should not have problems finding a marketing-related job.




Copywriting, similar to SEO, is a hard craft to learn but one that is quite rewarding. You can expect to make a decent amount of money from as little as a few sentences.


Good copywriters are hard to come by, which is why they get paid so much. If you have a knack for crafting words, then it should be the number one marketing job on your list.


Copywriting usually involves creating shorter content pieces. Writers who write articles are a separate entity from marketing copywriters, but collaborations between the two are not something unheard of.


The craft is about persuasiveness. Your goal is to persuade a reader to take action. Whether it is an email promoting a new deal or a social media PPC ad encouraging people to download a new e-book, the way a copywriter presents their words can be a difference-maker between succeeding and failing.


Some copywriters prefer a pressure-building technique. They mold the piece in a way that tries to trick the reader into believing that they will miss out if they do not take action. 


Unfortunately, the method is quite prominent because it works. If you want to avoid such an approach, then you need to prepare your words in a way that makes a reader believe you can help them.


PR Coordinator


Public relations coordinators might not seem like they are part of the digital marketing world, but the reality is different.


Some of the activities may involve presentations in live events, but as a remote coordinator, you focus on what is available on the internet.


Writing and issuing press releases, overviewing social media accounts, and even arranging public appearances are part of the job. Some treat it as an assistant more than a PR coordinator, but it depends on the exact duties the work entails.

It is also common to collect data about various opinions online by organizing polls or taking what is already available and processing the information. 


Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, and it is arguably one of the easiest jobs to break into as a newcomer.


You can find multiple affiliate programs, but new affiliates usually go with Amazon due to how many different products are available to promote.


Start by creating a website and adding content. If you pick drones, for example, you can write articles reviewing various models and adding affiliate links. 


The goal is to persuade site visitors to click on the link, and once they are on a landing page with active cookies, you get a commission for each successful conversion.


Affiliate marketing goes beyond direct sales. Downloads, video views, and other forms of call to action open different opportunities. It is all about presenting the content and persuading your audience to take the initial action and finish the conversion.



Influencer marketing is one of the most popular forms of promoting a brand. A regular person who spends their time on social media is not so keen to trust businesses themselves.


The same cannot be said about personalities, though. Half of the Millennials trust influencers for product and service recommendations, and more than 90 percent of marketers believe that influencer marketing is effective.


If the method was ineffective, influencer marketing would not exist in the first place. It is because various personalities on the internet gain traction and build an audience that such marketing exists in the first place.


Someone can call themselves an influencer even if they do not have that many followers. Even as little as 1 000 followers are enough so long as they engage with the content.


From a business perspective, it is much better to work with someone who has 1 000 active followers in the right demographic than someone who has 10 000 followers but sees very little or no engagement. 


Brands have to be smart and do their research so they do not end up working with someone who bought fake followers to create a profile for themselves.


Unlike other mentioned jobs, influencer marketing is not something you can just choose to pursue. 


There are certain elements, such as internet clout, personality, charisma, and originality, that determine your success or failure as an influencer.


In case you decide to give this idea a chance, remember that influencer marketing goes beyond social media. 


Twitch TV and YouTube are the other two platforms that let you make a name for yourself and monetize your audience.




To sum it all up, the availability of online marketing jobs and the convenience of working from your home make the idea of pursuing such a career quite attractive.


Experienced marketers know what jobs to go for because they know their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a resume to back it up.


For newcomers, though, it is a bit different. Identifying and researching a potential idea is part of a potentially long journey.


Use the job list in this article as a reference, and you are bound to find at least one idea that sparks your interest. And from there, it is all about how much effort you put into mastering your craft to become a successful marketer.