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20 Best Email Marketing Example You Need to See Right Now

As a digital marketer; how can you get your email marketing to the right track? You must get help from the best email marketing example; they will help to improve your ideas.

Every morning your inbox is flooded with a lot of emails.

Most of them are newsletters and promotional offers. If you don’t like them, what’s your action then?

I guess two of your probable actions. You marked them as unread, then delete them. Or you marked them as unread and directly unsubscribed from the senders.

As a successful marketer, you shouldn’t get in the blacklist. To get a chance not to be marked as spam or get unnoticed, unsubscribed, and deleted from your user’s inbox, you need to narrate a stable email marketing strategy.

Do you want to learn from the best examples?

Stay with me. 

What are the Key Elements of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing is still one of the most profitable marketing channels.

According to Salesforce, with every dollar invested in email marketing, the ROI is about $38.

For B2B audience, email is the third most influential source of information than a direct recommendation, and industry thought leaders.

What do you think these all could make possible?

The top three secrets that make an email marketing campaign successful aka profitable are –

– Personalization

– Design

– Helpful CTA

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Are you Personalizing your Email Marketing Campaign?

The answer should be yes.

People love to be addressed by their name rather than random orders.

Personalized emails can deliver a 6x higher transaction rate.

The open rate of personalized emails is 18.8% higher compared to the emails which aren’t addressed a customer by their name.  

Not only name, but you also need to add something that concerns your potential customer’s real issues, and your goal should be fixing those issues.

Can you become so acquainted with someone you don’t know very well?

There are 2.4 million emails are sent every second. How can you secure your marketing channels open rate, conversion ability?

You don’t have any other way to do more research about your customers. It will help you to become personal.

The design is the Stimulator

Images can fly faster than words. That’s what works when you sent an email with an attractive picture.

The design is everything, only when you have essential forces to enlighten your customer.

Try something unique besides adding value. Helping the customer is your goal. Before someone makes himself ready to take your help, designs attract attention.   

36% of the world’s population projected to using smartphones or tablets by 2018. So, you must design your email with a responsive layout aka templates which opens clearly in every kind of smart devices.

CTA (Call To Action) Help Your Customer Get a Step Ahead

According to unbounce, more than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy.

CTA button is a motivator. It will save your customers time from replying you back. Or type your address and get into your site. A CTA button helps them directly take an action about your offers or promotion.

It’s essential to add a CTA to your emails. It will give your content a reason to hang well with your customers.

Best Email Marketing Example Right Away

Well, now that you get an idea what makes an email marketing campaign fruitful, it’s time to see the examples.

We are going to show you some of the best email marketing campaigns which are outstanding.


1. Starbucks: New Product Announcement 

Well, take a look at this Starbucks email campaign.

They introduce something new. With what? Attractive images, powerful copy that converts, and an easy CTA button.

Why you can call it personal? Starbucks only sent this email to their loyal and regular customer. It’s always great to retain an older customer who brings new customer too by good word of mouth.

2. Uber: Promotional Offer 

It’s simple and aiding. Uber always follow this strategy to get you more with their offers and promotions. This email marketing campaign is straightforward, to the point, and sharp. With using helpful images, and responsive design, it suffices well enough.

3. Blue Apron: Delicious

Don’t you think this is an amazing retargeting email marketing campaign? Reminding your customer how you miss them, how you would love to get them back. Shower with palatable photos of new dishes, and special price offer.

Blue Apron hit the button with this delicious email. From using attention-grabbing copy to intriguing CTA, it makes a great example.

4. Bitter Southerner: Share Your Stories 

A publication company ought to send news about their publication. Bitter Southerner believes they can add more value to their newsletter. So, not only the top story for potential readers but their newsletters also contains relative fashion items which may evoke customers interest to make a purchase. These items inevitably focus more on their branding and reading, etc.

5. Nisolo: You are Welcome

It’s beautiful what Nisolo did achieve with this Welcome email. They are a fashion brand. This mail is designed for new customers. A minimalistic design makes it more watchable which increases the chance of its success.

In quite a simple way, this email invites new customers to shop with them and get a welcome commission. Using provocative images, and guideline on how to get into the site is the plus point here.

6. Charity: Water

7. Birchbox

8. HeadSpace

9. Drake Hotel Properties

10. Brook Sports

11. BuzzFeed

12. GlamCorner

13. SXSW

14. Clubred: Flight Centre

15. Sweetgreen

16. Artifact Uprising

17. Mom and Dad Money (Matt Becker)

18. Postmates

19. Aesop

20. Sticher


You can find a lot of email marketing example around you. It’s necessary to pick up the best for getting your ideas alive.

We believe this post help you to build a successful email campaign.

Have something different in mind?

Don’t forget to share your opinion with us.

Only keep a note in your mind: examples are made for your assistance.

You need to build your own mark to get success in digital marketing.