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Why Browser Push Notifications Essential for Bloggers & Publishers – Top Reasons

Are you a blogger or publisher? Then you must find a proper engagement channel like browser push notifications.

A channel which let you connect your posts with potential readers.

Do you know the total numbers of U.S bloggers will reach almost 32 million by 2020?

The first blog began the journey on 1994, and it is 2019 we are going to step in.

Right now, over 400 million blogs are floating around the internet.

Only WordPress is publishing 76 million posts each month.

Yes, the crowd is already starts buzzing so loudly.

Let’s find out the top reasons you should implement browser push notifications.

What are Browser Push Notifications?

Browser push notifications are a bit different from in-app push messages.

Instead of using any apps, they use web browsers to get into user’s desktop and smartphones.

The top browsers today support web push notifications. 

Especially, Chrome, Safari, and FireFox.

According to Statista, Google Chrome consumes 67% of the user market share. These powerful browsers adopted web push notifications for both desktop and Android devices back in 2015.

Though, FireFox only support browser push notifications in desktop, Apple’s Safari works on Mac; iOS support is still yet to run soon.

Browser push notifications are short. Intriguing.

Have the ability to evoke users interest to make an action towards you.

They pop-up in the user’s screen as crunch updates.

That’s what a web push or browser push notifications characteristics.

It has almost twice open rate and higher CTR than any major marketing channel like an email marketing campaign.

Get a feeling to dive more with this post? You are welcome.

Publishers and Bloggers Getting into success Leveraging Browser Push notifications

Why is it so important for you as a blogger or a publisher?

We believe, you already have some assumptions.

When you are consistently publishing quality content, it isn’t enough to produce an excellent readership today.

You need to focus more on your potential readers.

Whenever you publish a post, how can you let people know?

How can you engage people to your site to come again and again?

Browser push notifications deal with all these questions.

Let’s get into it. Here we are going to show you the top reasons you must implement web push notifications for your website.

Flawless Opt-in process Help You Generate More Reader

The Opt-in of browser push notifications is so easy and effortless.

It reduces all the opt-in form hassle, even don’t need to put any email address either.

That’s what let your readers get into your trope. At ease, no doubt.

All they need to do is, allow push notifications or not.

You can ask before sending them notifications, write a message that makes them interested in your content.

The average opt-in rate of an email newsletter or subscription form is 2%. On the other hand, web push notifications can increase your opt-in rate into 5 to 15% higher.

So, if you implement browser push notifications, you can quickly put aside your email marketing campaign.

Concentrate more on your post to deliver more value.

Re-engage Your Customer With Browser Push Notifications

Unless retargeting, you cannot create a stable base of the reader.

It is a must if you want to become successful bloggers and content publishers.

Most of the cases, developing an app is cost driven, and take much time to establish it fruitfully.

So, email marketing took a great interest among the bloggers a few years ago.

But right now, web push notifications is the thing every marketer are considering seriously.

It is effortless in both senders and receivers end, time-saving, and cheaper than any of your typical marketing campaign.

Delivery rate is 100% here. But we cannot say, people like to get push notifications all the time.

Almost 50% of users disable web push for the lack of personalization.

You publish a post, let your readers informed about it. How should you personalize this types of browser push?

Well, you should narrate your web push strategy by the reader’s behavior. What types of post a reader loves to read, you need to find out.

Send the genre-based reading invitations. It will increase your chances.

According to Oncrawl, “The average CTR measured over 200 Businesses (publishers, advertisers) and 26 Million Notifications is about 5%. Compared to email, this is almost 10X.”

So, web push notifications can help you to connect with your regular readers seamlessly.

You can assist your potential reader to join new discussions or the post they left reading only a half.

More user engagement brings more retention. That’s what browsers push notifications to work most critically.

Utilize the Opportunity to Trigger Sensitive Data

You can follow geo-location based data, and choose the right time that may hit the counter with web push notifications.

Nobody likes to get notifications in an uneven time.

You can design your notifications strategy that follows decent time prospects of your target readers.

You shouldn’t send breaking news at the middle of the night.

But you can send the same push updates in the pick hour or the evening.

No matter if they are on smartphones or desktop, browser push notifications can reach quite successfully following your plan.

This fabulous marketing channel allows your users full control over subscription. They can opt-in anytime, and disable to get browser push anytime they want.

No Involvement of Any Third Parties

One of the most advantages of browser push notification is no third parties involvement.

No one can take down your push approach as spamming. There is no way to use filters.

It means, you directly reach your readers. Only they can disable your progress unless you are sending them Push Notifications that add values.

Browsers push notifications copy must be evocative, short. You can turn a visitor to your regular readers with it.

And yet, you don’t have to take any help from any third parties.

You Can Target Mobile Users at Ease – Barring a Mobile Apps

We have started our discussion with this point. 

Developing a mobile app going to cost you reasonable money and time.

And, mobile users are increasing every day all over the world. It is expected to pass 5 billion in numbers by 2019. Only Android consumes approximately 2 billions of them.

You can send push notifications to any smartphones seamlessly that supports Chrome, FireFox, and Safari. You don’t need any app attachment to reach the mobile users.

Does this sound fascinating?

Browser Push Notifications Doesn’t have Any Influence on Algorithm

There is no algorithm based restriction while sending browser push notifications. You can send your crunchy push updates simultaneously.

Don’t need to maintain any rules and regulations by any social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

As they frequently change their algorithm, but it can’t regulate your images and content of the push notifications.

Some Additional Reasons

In this post, we have discussed some of the most crucial reasons.

We believe you get an insight. You need to adopt browser push for your blog, and content-based websites, newspapers.

Let’s take a look at some additional reasons that may enlighten your idea.

You can boost your traffic with web push notifications.

It is delivered quite a full impact on your user’s device. So, it can bring them back to your site. Only if you are inclined to add values, and delivers.

Bloggers claimed they could achieve more traffic by implementing push notifications — some cases, up to 15% higher.

You need to send-

Short & straightforward push messages that convert

Follow the geo-location and timing.

80% of people love to get personalized push notifications. You need to set up your strategy with this ratio.

Do not send too many notifications. Maintain a healthy time frequency.


Browser push notification let you establish a robust readership.

It will help to connect your potential reader all the corresponding time you want them to.

Besides, you cannot find a better retargeting tool that is entirely data-driven.

Follows a compelling user behavior based strategy to increase your success rate.

So, we believe, you must get along the way with a powerful browser push notifications like OmniKick.

The sooner, the better.