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How to Execute an Email Marketing Campaign Successfully – Step by Step Guide

Top marketers around the world still believe in email marketing.

The ROI is $38 for every single dollar spent. 

Hundreds of the competitors trying to reach your potential customers through their email.

You can’t spare keeping yourself out of the competition.

You should execute an email marketing campaign which engages your customers more. Keep their interest going and growing.

To run a successful email marketing campaign, you must follow some necessary steps. Are you feeling interested?

What do You think an Email Marketing Campaign is?

An email marketing campaign is sending a set of email to a type of customers following specific objectives. 

That sounds technical.

Let’s be more precise.

If you set specific goals for your business, send strategic emails to engage your potential customers, help them make decisions considering your offers. You can call it your email marketing campaign.

An email campaign must have a straight objective. You need to set a bunch of email for the specific genre of your customers. End up sending a set’s of emails up to your campaign to get the desired success.

By 2020, at least 3 billion people will be using email.

By the end of 2019, 246 billion emails will be sent every day.

How are you going to find your distinct voice among this sea of emails?

Let’s make yourself prepared for the most powerful marketing channel. 

Step 1: Set Up Your Goal is Crucial

Every activity concerning your customers needs a specific goal.

Without a goal, you cannot achieve something.

So, while executing a successful email marketing campaign, the first step is to head towards a goal.

Before heading for it, you ought to set it up, right?

A goal defines the nature of your marketing campaign.

It helps to cope up with the situation, and take prior actions proceed, solving problems, etc.

Unless you don’t understand what you want, you can’t move for anything.

As every marketing campaign wants to land in a profitable stage, they do have certain goals.

So, you need to fix one for your email marketing campaign.

If you have an eCommerce shop, certainly your goal ought to be different from an online food chain.

Try to reason with some of the common goals regarding email marketing campaigns. Here are the examples.

Welcome Email: If you intend to welcome your new subscribers following their Optin, you can run an email campaign which only welcome your customers, providing insights about your business, and what they are going to get if continue.

These types of emails only motivated by welcoming new users to engage them for further activities.

Do you want to boost engagement? Nonetheless, you want to do it. So, use an email marketing campaign to do the job is a wise decision.

Get connected and cater your existing customers: Send emails to assure them that you always care for them and want to provide more value.

An email Marketing campaign for re-engaging: Make your inactive users active. Setting up this goal can be fruitful because it can bring you more active users.

Subscribers segmentation: You can set up for sending more triggered and targeted emails to your potential customers.

Step 2: Build a Strong Email List

Every email marketing campaign needs a new email list.

The ‘One list fits for all’ not in the game anymore.

You need to start from scratch. Rebuild your email list for each different campaign.

How can you build an email list that works? You can follow two thumb rules.

Import a new email list into your email automation from your contacts

At first, you always follow your goals before create your email list.

Then, how you are going to take the next steps?

If you have a contact list you gathered from various sources; it’s a good idea to import them to your new email list.

You make sure that all the emails belong to real people, and they are related to your email campaign objectives.

I mean, you should send an email to people to add value. Email is one of the most significant sources of information today.

So, try to send some emails that help your potential customers to learn about you and your industry.

Create a brand new email list

Although it’s a tough thing to do, create a new email list always help to find out new customers with new marketing endeavors.

From Optin-funnel to subscription form, how you are going to keep your customer interested?

Step 3: Get an Understanding of Email Types

There are different types of emails send to carry your email marketing purposes.

It depends on various situations the kinds of email you need to send.

From a deep understanding of these emails variation, you can run your email marketing to a more certain level of success.

The top three types of emails are-

Promotional Email: This is the primary marketing emails. Share product promotions and occasional offers to customers.

It’s like to promote your brands, focusing more on your product and trying to attract people to your services.

Relational Email: It’s relevant information, what people love to get from your emails.

When they subscribe to get your emails, you may offer them newsletters, industry insight, and helpful content that will aid them to make a more fruitful relationship with you.

Transactional Email: Anything happens, any transaction, activities, you let your customers and subscribers inform with an email.

Someone make a purchase, send an email with confirmation.

You can send delivery updates.

If one of your users changes their account information, send him an email with new account information.

Each email types has its significance and time-sensitive applying method.

After you understand them well, it is possible for you to make the highest results out of them.

Step 4: Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audience is crucial. If you are on with email marketing already, you may have understood your customers well.

It is a vital step before you going to run an email marketing campaign.

When you are new to this marketing channel, you can still gather primary information from your customer’s activities on your site.

Initially, you can collect their email address and basic info. 

Step by step you need to get an understanding about their choices. What types of service they like or dislike? What differences they want to make, etc. 

This data helps a lot, and I’m not saying it’s easy to get.

After people opt-in to your site, you can ask them to update their profile. Ask for reviews and surveys.

Our digital age is full of social media platforms and activities.

Sourcing relevant information isn’t a hard nut to crack.

You can get an insight into your customer’s psyche from their social media activities.

Besides, you utilize Google Analytics to dig more deeply. It can be a valuable resource to essay your plans to convince and satisfy your users. 

Who your customers are, what do they want from you?

Finding out these answers will pave your way to execute a successful email marketing campaign.

Step 5: You Need to Use Automation to the Fullest

The science of email marketing is expanding to the newer horizon.

Automation takes it to a level where your ideas, planning, and budget can be analyzed, accumulated, and automatically sets for a goal, make it possible to achieve.

An email automation tool is a must to run a fruitful marketing campaign today.

The best email marketing automation tool will help you solve these matters below.

  • Automation tool helps to create a comfortable and easy email marketing campaign from scratch.
  • It has built-in templates and designs to look more creative.
  • Automation tools have integration with the top website builder and similar platforms like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace. 
  • Email automation can deliver the necessary analytics and information regarding customer activities.
  • It makes customer segmentation easier.

To become a successful marketer, you should have the mindset to adopt the latest technology.

Email marketing automation is a powerful weapon to shoot the right direction.

In case, any new technology comes through your way, never hesitate to think about giving it a chance while planning for your email marketing campaign.

Step 6: Your Optin Funnel Makes the First Impression

Creating an excellent Optin funnel makes your chances supercharged.

When customers end up landing your website, Optin funnel is the first approach to get them to your service. 

You ask people for the email address through an option funnel.

In praise of a healthy exchange, you provide some valuable info in the form of an ebook; you promised to send relevant offers, promotions and thought-provoking content if they agreed to get your subscription.

In this case, you can design your Optin funnel more attractive, connective, and destined to add more value to the customer.

There are a lot of designs and ideas floating around the digital marketing world.

What suits you most? That’s you opt to find out.

Let’s take a look at this point concerning Optin funnel types to percept the basic idea.

Welcome Optin: Whenever a customer comes to your site, a welcome Optin funnel can help him to get Optin. There is a strategy regarding welcome Optin.

It can be annoying for a customer to get an Optin form too early, I mean, give him some time to take a look around your site and services. Then an Optin form should open.

Any-page PopUp: It can appear while a user is browsing any of your pages or in the midst of reading any content.

A lead magnet is a key, use it to open up your chances is a wise step. Don’t make a crowd presence with it, but try to connect your customer with an Optin funnel often with frame timing.

Step 7: Make an Impression with Your Subject Line

The subject line is your magnet. A striking subject line makes your emails open because it’s something that provoked interest.

So, the best email marketing campaigns need to craft awesome subject line to proceed.

It’s a great starting note, creating a subject line that converts. It will do half of your work.

Promise something with an exceptional way that you can deliver. That’s what lies beneath the ground of subject line of your email.

A lot of words is not necessary. You need to find the proper words that have the power to hit the right chord.

Let’s take a look at this chart by Marketo. It shows how many words get a more open rate and clicks considering the subject line.

Check out the tips to craft the best subject line for your email marketing campaigns below.

You must keep your subject line precise and goal driven.

Put some words that hook your customer.

Don’t go for something that misleads your potential customer.

Before you finalize your subject line, keep testing quite often. 

That’s what you need to write a compelling subject line for your email marketing campaign.

Step 8: Write Alive and Enjoyable Copy that Converts

Writing email marketing copy is one of the essential steps to execute a successful email campaign.

A perfect email marketing copy must be kept short, focused more on the objective.

You shouldn’t throw your offer in the first place. Initially, put some words that help people to understand your value.

You are not going to write a big essay. So why hurry?

In your geometrical space (all clever writing has their geometrical or economic space). Try to be wise and helpful.

Try to become personal. Addressing a customer by his/her name is quite a friendly way to hook them with your words.

You may follow the steps below to write an engaging email copy.

Be a storyteller: People loves to hear stories. So, you can go for a story mode while telling your marketing pitch.

Don’t overstuff yourself: Utilizing resources is helpful, for both parties.

But you should never overstuff your copy, it makes things haphazard or creates a distraction.

Eventually, overstuffed email copy defocussed your audience. Should you let that happen?

Try to be funny: Why not write something which adding fun to your approach?

Entertain your potential customers, and make their steps in your business comfortable.

Use GIF, cartoons, and relatable, funny quotations.

You write something that makes people believe you and fall for you. That is what you need for your email copy.

Step 9: Your Email Designs Matters

After all the steps you have maintained, you must also rethink about the designs of your emails.

Is it accessible, attractive, and up to date?

We have already mentioned in the earlier step that, your email copy mustn’t be overstuffed. Same goes with the design.

Don’t be so colorful and clumsy. Minimalize your templates and orientations.

Use templates that connect your user to follow a design pattern that can relate your story pattern.

Using images is a proper technique, but people often disable images in their inbox.

So, try to use more words than big images. Don’t hide too many information behind your illustrations.

Try to use all the necessary tags that will help your readers to find you informative, helpful.

One particular point you shouldn’t forget about your email marketing campaign design.

Your email design must match the design of your website.

It’s a smart move, and the dissimilarities consider as the opposite.

Final Thought

Truth to be told, there no such things as a final thought.

You must keep thinking on how to achieve more, improve your game with an email marketing campaign.

After you’ve done all the way, keep testing your approaches, keep tracking your activities.

Test your email templates and overall designs. Connectivity of your email copy. The results your campaign generate.

How customers are participating in and appreciating your campaigns?

You should take care of all of these matters.

It’s a continuous journey and effort to reach your email marketing campaign to the place you want to take it.

Keep moving, think clearly. Adopt the ultimate technologies at hands possible.