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AdBlock Detection

Did you know that 380 million mobile devices are using AdBlockers and the overall amount of devices are 615 million? In fact, 11% of the global internet population is currently using AdBlockers.

If you are business sourcing customer by online advertising, AdBlockers are costing you a lot.

Optin Funnel’s AdBlock Detection technology can help you evade Adblockers and retrieve the revenue that’s going down the tube. It helps business to deliver targeted messages to Adblock users without violating any guidelines.

Here are the functions of Optin Funnel’s AdBlock Detection-

  • Optin Funnel’s messages aren’t affected by AdBlockers, and it passes through easily
  • You can convince your customers to whitelist your site if they are Adblocker users
  • You can create a notice that will appear before other campaigns and persuade the customers to turn off their AdBlocker or whitelist your site

Optin Funnel users have experienced 68% of their customers follow this request and put their site on a whitelist. The customer is always enthusiast and would welcome good offers.

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