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Lightbox Popup

Popups have become an accurate method of converting your visitors into leads, reducing bounce rates, cart abandonment and increasing your email list. It is a top of the heap method which builds a highly targeted email list and helps to deliver purposed messages to the audience.

Optin Funnel Popup is a top of the line solution for lead generation. The Optin Funnel Popup entices visitors to act right without annoying them. When the Popup appears, the background contents gets defocused and full attention drawn to the LightBox Popup. Hence, the conversion rate of Optin Funnel Popups is tremendously high.

Here are the incredible functions of the Optin Funnel Popups-

  • Easy text editor
  • CTA editor
  • Background color editor
  • Custom success message
  • Image change option
  • Page level targeting
  • Device-based targeting
  • Geolocation targeting
  • Onsite retargeting
  • Cookie retargeting
  • Triggers pop up by time display control
  • Triggers pop up on a scroll
  • Triggers pop up on click
  • Triggers pop up on abundant intent

Popups are super teasing if not build correctly. The blueprint must have a pre-framing of customer psychology and technical advantages creating a high converting popup. The good news is, Optin Funnel Popup has it all with no coding skills required and built-in templates blueprinted from millions of data points. So, using it is a sure win if you want to grow your email list and sales.

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