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How to Use Lightbox Popups to Grow Your Email List

Millions of websites on the web use popups to collect emails. It’s because they work.

The goal of any business online is to increase its reach, generate sales and profits.

Many businesses have been investing in content marketing over the past years.

Both B2B and B2C brands use content marketing for almost everything.


Email is the backbone of all these.

Without email marketing lead nurturing, customer retention, and customer evangelism are all tough, if not impossible to achieve.

Lightbox popups are one of the most effective ways to capture emails on the web.

A lightbox popup is a web form that appears at the top of your website darkening the background.

Lightbox popups get web users attention.

So how can you create a lightbox popup that gets people’s attention and grow your email list?

Have one clear call to action in your lightbox popup

When you’re using a lightbox popup, it’s very important that you have just one call-to-action.

Having more than one CTA button on your popup dilutes the message.

It gets visitors confused. They’ll likely leave the page or just ignore the popup.

For example, look at the lightbox popup below. It has one call-to-action.


The call-to-action button is a key ingredient in the popup.

It should be appealing and invites web users to click.

Using a remarkable tool like GrowthFunnel, you can start creating lightbox popups that get subscribers on your website.

GrowthFunnel is beginner-friendly. It’s so easy to use.

Remove distraction from your lightbox popup

Anything that doesn’t make it easy for visitors to subscribe easily and quickly is a distraction.

Find those unnecessary words in your popup copy that might turn people off from subscribing.

It could be that your popup was over-designed.

For example, GrowthFunnel offers simple popup templates you can start using the moment you sign up.


These ready-made templates are easy to use.

Change the design a bit with your brand’s color palette.

Present the right offer

The only time popups annoy people is when the offer doesn’t match the landing page.

For example, if a landing page is about Facebook marketing, a popup about Instagram marketing is wrong. They don’t match.

When visitors are on your page to learn about Facebook marketing, and the message of the popup is about Facebook marketing too, they will want to pay attention to it.

Because it might help them meet their goals.

As long as the offer matches the landing page, it’s right.

So, don’t just offer visitors anything on your website. Offer them something that meets their present needs.

Control when your lightbox popup appears

Popup timing is as important as the popup’s message itself.

Even if you have the right offer and a great message to back it up, but you show your popup at the wrong time, it’ll still generate poor results.

You don’t want to display your popup too early. It’s annoying when the first thing visitors see is a popup.

But you also don’t want to display your popup too late.

Being too late means you’ll lose out on potential sales.

GrowthFunnel gives you the complete freedom to show your popup whenever you want.

We give you the option to show your popup immediately your web page loads. However, I don’t recommend this option.

Check your site’s average time on page in Google Analytics. That will tell you how long visitors stay on your website.

Divide your site’s average time on page by two to get the optimum time to display your popup.

For example, if your average time on page is four minutes, you should display your popup after four minutes visitors have been on your webpage.

You can convert that into seconds before typing it into “display rules” in GrowthFunnel.


Another nice option I like very much in GrowthFunnel is the freedom to show your popup after visitors have seen a certain percentage of your page’s content.

For example, showing your popup when visitors have seen 50% of the content on the page.


I’m a big fan of both options.

Choose what you think is best for you.

Choose specific categories, pages or posts to display your popups

Any popup shouldn’t appear in any category, page or post. Organize them.

GrowthFunnel lets you create as many popups as you want.

You should strategically choose where you want some popups to show.

For example, you can display a popup offering a Facebook ebook as long as the content on the page is about Facebook.

You may select the category page about Facebook marketing to display your popup about Facebook marketing.

Some people also do something extraordinary by creating a unique popup for each high-traffic page on their sites.

Again, GrowthFunnel gives you the complete freedom to choose where you want to show your popups.


You can also select which pages or posts you don’t want the popup to show.

Use lightbox popups to capture abandoning visitors on your site

Studies show that 98% of visitors leave your website without leaving a single trace. That’s sad when you consider the amount of money, time and effort you’ve spent on driving those visits.

But with exit-intent popups, you can turn those abandoning visitors into subscribers, customers, and fans of your business.


By using the exit intent technology on your lightbox popups.

What is the exit intent technology?

The technology uses mouse movements to detect if a visitor is about to leave your website.

Web users tend to behave a certain way when they are about to leave a site.

So, the technology uses this behavior to detect an exit intent.

Once an exit intent has been detected, your popup is shown to the visitor.

By showing your lightbox popup to visitors when they are about to leave, you increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Our tool, GrowthFunnel lets you use the exit intent technology.

And we don’t charge separately or premium for it as our competitors do.

GrowthFunnel gives you everything you need to create popups that turn people into customers and fans of your business.

In “Display rules,” in the GrowthFunnel editor dashboard, just select “On Exit Intent.”


Entice visitors with a mouth-watering offer in your popup before they abandon your site.

Always test your popups

There’s no doubt about it.

Some popups will convert better than others. It’s just the way digital marketing works.

The only way to know if you’re getting enough subscribers from a popup is to test it against other popups.

GrowthFunnel lets you create as many popups as you want. So, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to having enough popups to test.

Test every aspect of a popup.

Here are some things you should test in your popup:

  • The headline
  • The popup design,
  • The popup image,
  • The popup form fields,
  • The CTA (call-to-action) button,
  • And the copy.

If a particular popup isn’t bringing in as many subscribers as you would expect, test another.

Continue testing.

Test run your popup on mobile

First of all, before anything else, you should ensure that your popup is suitable for mobile.

Go to “Display rules,” inside the GrowthFunnel dashboard and make sure that every option in “Device Targeting,” is selected.


Often, I’ve seen digital marketers create popups, only for it to look horrible on mobile.

Mobile is the present and future.

If your lightbox popup is not looking too well in mobile, that means you’ll miss out on potential leads and sales.

When every “Device Targeting” option has been selected, GrowthFunnel ensures that your popup looks good on every device the visitor might be using.

Include a privacy policy on your site

Web users are skeptical when it comes to giving out their emails these days.

Creating a privacy policy page on your site will help you earn more prospects’ trust.

They know how you’ll use their email addresses.

Some sites collect emails and sell them to spammers on the web.

The privacy policy page will also tell visitors if you’re using cookies on your site and what kind of information you’re collecting about them.

Giving web users a detailed explanation of how you collect and store their information will help them trust you more to give you their email addresses.

After you’ve created a privacy policy page on your site, ensure that it’s visible in the footer or navigation menu.

You could also add a link to it in your popup.


Lightbox popups will help you get lots of email subscribers within a short period of time.

GrowthFunnel offers one of the best lightbox popups.

Smart digital marketers are already using our tool to acquire visits, subscribers, and sales on their websites.

It won’t cost you anything to start using GrowthFunnel.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial today.

Note that we let you use all our product features during your free trial.

Unlike our competitors, you’re only allowed to use most of their features if you’re a paid customer.

Thanks for reading and please spread the word about GrowthFunnel.

If you’ll like to join GrowthFunnel as an affiliate, we offer 30% recurring commission for every customer you refer to use.

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