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A Complete Guide To Landing Page Optimization

lpo-ebook-CoverWhat is a Landing Page?

A landing page is known as a distinct page on your website that is designed for a single focus objective. The main purpose of having a single focus objective of your landing page is to limit the available options and guide them to take a particular action. A landing page is also known as a destination page or lead capture page.

Remember, your homepage might not be your landing page; your homepage is the place where people can get the information about your whole company, but the landing page is a page that is built to prompt the visitor’s to take a specific action.

Visitors are generally arriving on a landing page by clicking links from different sources like PPC campaign, email, Social Media Marketing campaign, and other marketing campaign. A landing page provides further information to the visitors after clicking on a smaller embedded advertisement on another web page.

Why do you need a Landing Page?

The main objective of a landing page is to convert the visitor’s into sales or leads. When a visitor has already shown the interest in a particular topic, landing pages will let you to funnel their interests in less broad specific area of your website. A landing page will allow you to make your words more personal and to engage your target audience.

For instance, if a visitor clicks on an ad that offering them 40% off of their purchase, sending them to homepage gives opportunity for the visitors to lose focus or even get lost. Sending the visitors to a landing page will ensure that they get the exact information what they are looking for.

So, you should have a separate landing page for every campaign to convert more. And, there is no point to generate more and more traffic if you are unable to convert them.

When you need a landing page?

Actually for every campaign you need a landing page.

Landing pages are the heart of your online marketing campaign. If you want the maximum conversion, there is no alternative of using the landing pages. To convert the visitors into customers easily, you need to use separate landing page for each campaign.

You also need the landing pages to cater your audience with the specific need. Let’s suppose one of your visitors had visited your site and shown interest in a specific product or service but did not complete the purchase. In such cases, a landing page will help you to send a specific message according to the visitor’s interest through re-targeting campaign.

Moreover, your visitors are not robots who have same needs. Every visitor might have different choices. As a result, their expectation needs to be treated in a different way. To meet the all visitor’s expectation you need to use the different landing pages with different offers and messages.

How to use this guide?

Throughout these landing page optimization tips we will explain how to optimize a landing page for better conversions without seeking the outside help.

We will cover each and everything in this guide including what are the elements you should have on your landing page and what are the steps you need to follow if your landing pages are not performing well. You can go through the below tips and after completing this guide you should be a landing page guru. If you properly apply them to your landing page, then you will see the immediate improvements in your conversion rates.

Here you are going to discover complete & effective 201 landing page optimization tips in this guide those are divided into 28 chapters:

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Chapter 1 : First things first
Chapter 2 : What you need to know before creating a landing page
Chapter 3 : What you have to do before creating a landing page
Chapter 4 : The Basics
Chapter 5 : Focus on context
Chapter 6 : Purpose Oriented Design
Chapter 7 :Choose color based on your context
Chapter 8 : Write content focusing on benefits
Chapter 9 : Craft actionable call to action (CTA)
Chapter 10 : Make Your Form Short and Simple
Chapter 11 : Make Everything Simple and Easy
Chapter 12 : Develop trust on your landing page
Chapter 13 : Fostering Credibility
Chapter 14 : Cut the fluff
Chapter 15 : Entice real human beings
Chapter 16 : Add Some Emotion Triggering Elements
Chapter 17 : What you should not do – things that can disappoint your visitor’s
Chapter 18 : Get your visitors to take action
Chapter 19 : Focus on more conversions
Chapter 20 : Testing
Chapter 21 : Reporting, Metrics & Analytics
Chapter 22 : When should the landing pages be used?
Chapter 23 : Campaigns for your landing page
Chapter 24 : Marketing tips
Chapter 25 : Corporate guidelines
Chapter 26 : Improve your landing page SEO
Chapter 27 : Things you should check before you go live
Chapter 28 : Tools