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10 Hacks for Writing Best and Absorbing Push Notifications Copy

Push notifications are playing a great game reshaping the world of digital marketing.

You may not find a modernize website who refuses the urgency of this superb marketing channel.

Where crowds are gathering, it’s tough to engage them without a distinct voice. Writing the best push notifications copy is the key to do that.

You need to understand some ‘tunes and noises’ before writing an engaging push notifications copy.  

Before You Begin

It was never easy to attract people with your words.

Push notifications are very interactive, can reach your target customer at any time of the day and night. Once anyone allows it to get in, the notifications mean no bounds.

So, what is push notifications possibilities, can become its hurdles.

To be more specific, push notification evokes annoyance among your users.

Who wants to know about how people can get slimmer drinking avocado juice at the middle of night sleep? No one.

Or, you can’t send random updates of holiday offers barring someone’s travel preferences.  

If you do that, it arouses disturbance, thus create the results.

Almost 47% of people don’t allow to get push notifications, on the other hand; still, the best percentage of the customer (53%) love to get them.  

Push notifications are swift updates, and they can add values to the highest order if budging at the right time with right offers.

You should always play with the possibilities; we believe you love it.

Let’s dive into our main discussion then.

Don’t you want to write up best push notifications copy that converts?

How To Write Attractive, Engaging And Yet Simple Push Notifications Copy?

If you are already experienced writing a lot of push notifications, you may understand it better – the monotony, the lagging of words, punching the same goal into hundreds of pieces.

It becomes boring unless you renovate the ideas, put your thought process into a newer level frequently.

So, how can you keep your track sportive and generate fresh ideas? We think there are some thumb rules you must percept them quite profoundly.

Let’s see our checklist of best hacks which will help you to create innovative push notifications copy.


Be Relevant All The Time

Relevancy is a thing you can’t put it out of your league from doing anything. You need to write push notifications for the right kind of people, it’s one thing, on the other hand, you must create a copy which is relevant to your content and customer.

For example, never write a product update push notification with unnecessary technical detailing. Suppose, you have an online food shop, recently you launched a sizzling cheesy ham, and you write your copy with how best your food is, how people love your items rather than only introducing the name.

It’s not any hard things to do. You need to get proper knowledge of the product and your customer before writing an engaging push notifications copy. That’s it.


Understanding The Customers

How can you work with people unless you know them well? You are writing push notification in your desk, from a far distance, that doesn’t mean you have the chance not to understand them well before interaction. You must learn the test, web appearance, tendency to buy your products of the customers.

If you sell pet foods, you need to understand the psychology lark behind people who love pets. How are they care for them, and what kind of food they interested to feed their pets? Besides, you can write a pretty provoking way when you acquire a minimal knowledge about the food habits of the pets.

Understanding your customers means you always have the vibe on what types of people you are going to dealing with. It will become a strength behind your convertible push notifications.


Keep Your Honesty Stand A Top

People love the word ‘honesty’ but most of the time fails to be one. A manipulating world, where everyone is trying to put other aside or let down to rise above, it’s a difficult thing to maintain.

But as a copywriter, you must make it clear to yourself: Never bluff to your potential customers.

While writing push notifications, you may hide some of your downsides – we always have our pros n’ cons, unless someone asks about it, it’s shoddy to tell them in advance. Because You are still trying to solve your problems right?

The main thing is not to overrate yourself, right the exact words with utmost honesty. Only promise something that you can deliver.


Always Encourage Your Customer, Spare Discouraging

People often install an educational app to get connected with the topic they want to learn. You can send them proper info and updates about the course and their subject of interest is a cool thing.

The problem begins when you send push notifications that tell them to try a  bigger course. Because what they are learning isn’t enough, etc. This kind of marketing approach looks like more of a cheap canvassing. It will discourage them to opt-in, even turn off getting the notifications.

So what should you do? You may write up like, “Enjoying your course? Want to watch out for a new one?” This is a simple example. We believe you can write a more intriguing copy.


Must Add values

Write compelling copy that adds value. Here also lies the importance of understanding your customers. Your intention to send push notification is not only converting customers but also help them in another way. You should write copy which intended to help.

Suppose, as a fashion house or shop; you regularly send coupon and flash sells update, discount, and big sale announcement. Will it be more helpful if you send push notifications with little fashion tips? Yes, we think it is.


Try To Evoke Your Customers Excitement

Being innovative is essential when you come to decide writing copy for any business. Same goes with the push notifications. Evoking customers interest should be your one of the top priority.

Don’t send weather update like a robotic tone. Or how can you send news updates with some cliched and worn out templates? In a cloudy evening, not only letting your user it may be raining this much rather than telling them, “Don’t forget to bring your raincoat, it’s going to rain soon.”

For a discount update, why not write a push notifications copy that evokes their desire to shop?


Being Funny And Sportive Is An All-time Key to Engagement

If you are not a funny person, putting wits into your push notification copy is a hard thing to do. But, you know that people tend to feel wide open with reasonable wits. It can be done by practice.

Following stand up comedians, watching comedy shows, and reading a lot of satire and jokes, you may achieve a reckoning with humor.

No one wants to slam a happy face; your copy is your face here. So, try to be sportive, and funny to enlighten your potential customers is a wise game plan.


Write With Clarity And Precision

If your customer doesn’t understand what you are sending, all the effort end up on nothing. How are you going to know that they do not get your words? Well, only when they act negatively, turn off the notification, and eventually left without converting.

So, the first thing is, write something reasonable, that sounds great with you, make it clear rather than complicated, and please, be precise. Make some dummy and send them to your fellow around you, let them say if you are writing the clear and precise copy.


Hit The Emotional Cord

Whose emotional cords do you want to strike? No doubt, it’s your customers. Despite being thought like an emotional person, well, you may not be able to do it.

Though, emotion plays a significant role in our life. What makes a product best sellers? It evokes something positive and vibrant from us that we tend to buy it. Sometimes, everyone’s buying tendency put us in the line although we are not craving for the product at that moment.

For example, use every special day that connects people. If you understand the value a particular day can bring to people’s lives, you must find something very adoring.

Try to reach people with some words that let them believe you care for them. That’s it.


Never Pretend To Be So Clever

If you intend to convince your customer to convert, you must not try to underestimate them. Being too smart is always a bad thing in writing. You don’t know what is your customer thinking about the product, you only guess and try to understand. Which let you a door that carries the possibilities to reach your goal.

People always dislike the person who pretends to understand everything and try to outsmart them. So it’s not a bad thing to be smart, if you are one, you never pretend to be one.

Be reasonable with your witty words and offers. That’s the things that make your push notifications copy alive.

Final Thoughts

The best way to write up great push notifications copy is practicing with a sound research.

What are the different initiatives other websites and apps are taking? If you can learn them, the knowledge always helps.

So, keep up with the curve. Keep up with the changing world. We hope, this checklist of best hacks is enough to help your way out.

Have something in mind considering this topic? Let us know.