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What is Push Notifications Cost – A Complete Pricing Guide

Do you want to know how much do push notifications cost?

Implementing push notification on your website is easy.

The hard task is to find a suitable one with reasonable cost.

There are tons of push notifications service in the market; each one has their advantage, weakness, and different pricing plans.

As a website owner, you need to choose one that delivers robust features, technically sound performance to increase converting customers.

Before we dive in deep, let’s set out for some prefatory matters.

Why Should You Cost Money for Push Notifications?

Push notifications can boost your user engagement up to 80%, and if enabled push, 65% of them return to the app or website within 30 days.

How is sending push messages able to do it?

Push notifications are crunch updates that pop-ups to customers mobile or desktop screen, show them updates and offers from the website or apps they often visited and installed.

Unless your customers allow getting the push, you can’t send it to them.

When they agreed to get push notifications, you can send customized push notifications following a smart marketing approach.

Digital marketing is getting smarter every day, and push notification becomes one of the most helpful tools to connect your customers. It can put simultaneous effort to reach them any quality time you planned as a marketing tactic.

Is It Free To Use a Push Notifications Tool?

The answer is yes; you can send free push notifications from some tools out in the market. Reminder: Conditions Apply.

There are several push notification tools which offer a free plan, or trial plan for a particular time.

Even, you may find some all-time free service. Reminder: They have limited features and technical difficulties.

Here, with OmniKick, you can start using our free push notifications plan which delivers a premium level service and features in a 14 day trial period.

It goes with almost every major push notifications tool in the market, like we are, trying to get you the experience without any cost.

Only if you like it and understand the importance of it, then there are options for you with different pricing plans. You can buy any plans what suits you most.

Push Notifications Cost – Top 7 Push Notifications Platform and pricing plan

Push notification began its journey in 2009; Apple introduces it to their users.

APN (Apple Push Notifications Service) is the first one which makes an excitement in the digital marketing world.

Since then, it’s been going through a lot of improvement, become a prolific customer engagement tools simultaneously for every website and apps. 

A handful of platforms come to build and innovate new features to Push Notifications so that everyone can get the benefits from it.

A premium push notification tools with modern features and advantages cost you considerable money.

But if you are able to utilize the power of it, all the cost and effort have never been so high comparing the outcomes.

We are going to show you some of the best push notifications tool considering their cost.

The rest will be upon your hand to choose.


You can send both in-app push and web push notifications with tools like OmniKick.

OmniKick offers some significant features you can’t find in the other platforms, comparing technical facilities and other advancements too.

OmniKick comes with three different pricing plan. Starter, Pro, and Pro-Plus.

This powerful tool comes with another tremendous opt-in tool Drip Optin with different pricing strategy.

Starter Plan

you need to cost only $19 a month if purchased yearly, and this plan comes with-

  • Unlimited Notification
  • Custom Subscription Form
  • HTTP + HTTPS Support
  • Desktop Only
  • RSS to Push
  • Segmentation (JS)
  • API Access

Also, you can buy the Starter plan with monthly basis only at $25 on average. You can send push notifications up to 2000 subscribers.


Pro plan helps you to send push notifications up to 20000 subscribers. It has the features like-

  • Works Easily on Desktop + Mobile
  • Have Schedule Notification
  • Segmentation (Property Based)
  • Welcome Drip Campaign
  • Device Targeting
  • Subscription Date Targeting

Pro push notifications plan cost you same as the Starter Plan ($19 a month, on yearly basis, though $29 for monthly basis). It offers different features than the starter.

Pro Plus

It’s the best in the bag. Comes with some innovative features like-

  • Custom Branding
  • Import & Export Data
  • Custom Sub-Domain
  • Notification Expiry
  • Double CTA Buttons
  • Image in Notification
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • Time Zone Targeting
  • Triggered Campaign
  • Cart Abandoned Campaign

You can choose your subscriber amount from 20000 to 100000. Also, this plan let you send push notifications from five websites under your parent domain.

Pro Plus cost you $29 a month on a yearly basis, if you want a monthly subscription, then you will have to pay $39 a month.


If you want a free of cost Push Notifications platform, OneSignal can be a good option.

Though, we hope you do not forget our reminder. It has some limitations, and it is literally inevitable when you are going to use any free digital marketing tools.

OneSignal does offer premium pricing plans too. Your cost starts from $99 to higher if you want to buy them.


It does offer a free basic plan. If you have a small enterprise, you can easily give it a try for some days. While you want to reach the professional level, premium cost plan is also standby.

The premium plan starts from 49 a month on a yearly basis. It is called the Bronze plan.

They also offer Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Respectively cost you $129, $249, $499 each month on a yearly basis.

It is simple to use. You don’t need to think much after you choose to purchase one of the premium plans.


Up to 100 subscribers, you can send free push notifications with CataPush.

You can see, the free version is minimal here.

This platform offers different push notifications cost plan following subscribers amount.

Premium plans starts from $21 a month for 1000 users.

The second one will cost you $190 a month for 10K users.

If you want to send more and widen your reach with it, you must purchase the plan which cost 338.18 a month for 20K subscribers.

Amazon SNS

Amazon launched its simple notification service in 2010.

This sophisticated service allows app owners to send notifications among their subscribers and users using one single API.

So, we can call this service as an in-app push provider.  

It is one of the most highly recommended push-based message services. Though, Amazon Simple Notification Service has its advantages and disadvantages. You can’t send web push notification with Amazon SNS.

With pricing, it is pretty reasonable. You can customize your cost, most often, people choose the ‘pay-as-you-go’ option.

This platform can send the notification to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS.

Urban Airship

Urban Airship is an in-app messaging platform, also provide mobile analytics and segmentation, reports, etc.

You need to choose a plan, what types of solution you need from this company. Only after that, they will send you a pricing plan.

So, there are no open pricing strategy if you choose to use Urban Airship. Some of their top features are-

App engagement

Customer segmentation, etc.

Besides, you can subscribe for a free plan of 45 days with minimal features. It intends to provide a cool idea of how you can increase your user engagement with this platform.

Only then, you may choose to purchase a premium plan, which will cost you reasonable bucks. Urban Airship is one of the expensive services in the market.


Push Woosh delivers different types of plans to variant professionals.

Tailors all the push notification cost plan depending on your needs.

Within their startup free plans, you can send push notifications up to 1000 devices.

The next plan is for the developers. It will cost you $41.95 a month for a yearly basis. It will suffice up to 50000 devices.

Marketing plan cost you $125.95 a month. It will work up to 300000 devices.

Also, you can extend 1000 more devices by paying an additional +$2/month, and 2000 for +$3/month.

And if you want to run a large enterprise, you can cater your unlimited Push notifications cost plan.

Just tell them what you need and what is your push notification strategy, unlimited plan offer you reasonable pricing.    

So, that’s what you need to understand about the top push notifications cost in the market.

Now, how should you make your decision?

Why do we think OmniKick can be your best choice?  

You may wonder, considering the push notifications cost factor, OmniKick offers the most reasonable pricing plans.

Do we offer you a reasonable and robust service too? You should take a tour with OmniKick’s modern features and advantages.

Comparing all the facts, you will see the differences we bring for you.

From $19 to $49, you will get all the features what other platforms can deliver, besides you will get a powerful opt-in funnel service, Drip Optin.

Final Thoughts

We believe in transparency.

From this point of view, you get this discussion of the push notifications cost factor, in-detail of course, within an open mind.

We do believe; you can now make your decision examines all the pricing options at ease.

Do you have something more in your mind?

Are you thinking to purchase a push notification plan for your website or organizations today?

Don’t forget to share your ideas.