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How To Increase Push Notifications Open Rate – Best Practices

Have you ever compare the push notifications open rate with an email marketing campaign or any other digital marketing platform?

Chances of push notifications open rate are higher than any other tools you find today.

According to Adweek, web push notifications get at least twice open rate and better CTR (Click Through Rate) than email marketing.

Users who allow getting push notifications, precisely 70% of them love to enable it.

On the other hand, this favorite marketing channel also has the probability to annoy people. Why?

Unscheduled, non-stop, and irrelevant push notifications always creates disturbance among your audience.

If you go the wrong way, you may end up losing your potential customers rather than retaining them with web push notifications.

In this post, we are going to show you some top hacks which will help you to increase your push notifications open rate.

Getting you to more success converting your customer.

What Is Push Notifications Open Rate?

People often get confused about push notifications open rate and push notifications CTR.

Both are crucial metrics considering your business growth and profitability.

You should not mix up these two for one. Open rate and Click Through rate are different things.

Let’s find them in their definitive shape.

CTR is the percentage of your users click on push notifications URL, which consists the number of your total users view your website pages and offers.

That means CTR shows you the action your user/ subscribe take after reading the message.

Push notifications open rate is slightly different, and it is the previous step of generating CTR.

How many users open your push notifications after sending, this is the measure you can call open rate.

It’s a great thing to know how many people responded to your approach, and it will help you to assume the next phase of conversion.

You know that only open rate is not going to produce more conversion, but the increasing ratio of push notifications open rate indicates you are hitting the right switch.

It will provoke them to take more action through your website.

The average push notifications open rate is 7.8%, and in differs following the message segmentation or types.

You can see the open rate based on the push notifications types in this chart.

The top percentage types show you that, dynamic/ segmented push messages make your customer feel interested in your updates and offers 8.8% considering others.

So you see, more your push notifications open rate go high, your chances also follow the steep curve.

Everything points out to the one single tactics. Make your push notifications strategy intriguing and engaging.

How are you going to do that? Don’t worry. We are going to show you some of the best hacks to make your push notification strategy more effective.

Understand Your Potential Customer

The more you get to the heart of the customer, more you improve.

That’s the first key to building a highly converting push notifications plan.

You cannot send random push notifications to random people. At first, you need to specified your genre people. Then find out how many of them willing to buy and want to hear something from you.

Push notifications make it easy. Whenever any visitor come to your site, it asks for permission if they want to get them. Only after they opt-in to get notified, you must go for research to understand them.

For example, you cannot send push updates of selling a fur coat in a tropical country citizen. Or, you can’t send ‘Donald Trump issues a further speech on global warming’ to a food lover in the middle of the night while he may be watching a movie eating pizzas.

How are you going to make success unless you don’t have a bright idea what your potential customers want to get?

Push Notifications Open Rate Increase With Personalization

In 2017, 85% of push notifications send to the customer are personalized. It becomes obvious.

When you send push notifications to your user, they get them into their desktop and smartphone.

So, when you can address them, give them a feeling you care for them about something, it’s going to strike some more positive note.

People love to get push notifications and open them what they think add value to their interest. Without personalization, how can you send some updates or news that attracts their consideration?

Now, let’s discuss it more clearly. We do not mean you should address your subscribers name to become personal.

Instead, you must analyze your subscriber’s data, activity on your website, and buying preferences.

These all things led you to send personalized push messages.

For example, when someone purchases some best seller fiction from your eCommerce shop a few weeks ago, you cannot just send him to flash sales on sunglasses.

If you send push updates to buy some exciting new books, it becomes more interesting to him.

Are you getting into it? If you able to send a compelling and personalized push notifications, your open rate must get bigger.

Scheduling Your Push Notification With Perfect Timing

What is the most cliched and the truest sentence in digital marketing? Time is money.

Unless you utilize the timing, the power of it, you may fail.

Why don’t 47% of people like to get push notification?

Because half of the website and business owners can’t be able to tailor their push updates in a timely manner.

No one wants to wake up from their holiday morning sleep getting nonsensical, and untimely push updates.  Think about yourself.

Web push notifications platform like OmniKick let you send strategically scheduled updates throughout all the mobile devices, and desktop.

Following the geolocation technique, you can get the idea of your user’s local time and preferences to get web push notifications. It will help you to stand a chance of higher opening rate.

Also, it is possible to send different types of push notifications maintaining different time pattern.

Why Customer Segmentation Is So Important?

We have already discussed personalized web push notifications. Tell you to understand your potential customer, and follow a timely manner before sending.

As the last and most crucial point, we must take a look into user segmentation. It is the culmination of all the key points we are discussing.

User segmentation helps you to send web push notifications to the right people.

[segmentation satisfy consumers]

Define your customer, categorized them, and send push updates following different types – that what you need to do considering segmentation.

Why? You know that already. Almost 65% of user like to get segmented updates, which help you to enhance your push notifications open rate.

40% of marketers said that their top priority is customer segmentation.


Why are website owners and every business using push notifications thinking much about the open rate? Is it so important?

It is distinguished from the sense of converting a customer. Unless they open your push updates, you can’t make them act for something. Right?

Are you ready to create an innovative and successful web push notifications plan?

To do this, OmniKick offers everything you need to do.

As we are talking about segmented web push notification strategy, OmniKick can help to narrate your user engagement plan with the best push notifications platform in the market. 

Have something more in mind? Let us know.